Mallika Mango !

jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)February 23, 2014

The new guy on the block,, 1/4 acre. Finished planting at 10 AM on 02/23/14 !!!
A different kind of mango, - anxious to discover it's unique characteristics.
Turn around while standing at the tree and there's the outdoor sitting area in back we're hoping to privatize a bit, - assuming the Mallika widens and flushes out in next 4 years, the others did.

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

Ah yes,.. chilling out in South Florida while my hometown of NYC hunkers down for another cold blast !
This is the eighth ( 8th ) mango tree I've planted here in last 5 years,..and the last !!! They are, one each of : Nam Doc Mai, Kent, Vallencia Pride, Glenn ( by far the most vibrant producer ), Tebow, Maha Chanook, Pickering and the Mallika. Why the last ? Just had a scary thought that if all these trees matured in the same year I'd have to hire a crew of pickers, but with the minimum wage getting ready to explode + insurance,..yikes, I'd be in a pickle for sure ! ( smile )
Hope everyone else's mango trees are also bursting at the seams as they get ready to come forth with record yields in next 4, 5 months.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats Jofus!! You'll have to let me know how that one taste...I thought about that variety till I saw the word "carrot"
flavor used in the description,lol...Not sure how that will incorporate with the flavor that I'm used to eating in my mango.

But, I'm sure you'll love it!! Let us know in a year or two...

8 mango trees is not too shabby for a 1/4 acre'll have a small orchard soon enough...

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A beautiful addition for sure. My Nam Doc Mai is putting out new growth, did well in this crazy weather. My Pickering has never been in the best of health, I have to spray it with an anti fungal frequently. I ordered it from a nursery with a bad reputation and it has been infected with anthracnose, but looks like I am finally turning a corner, it's putting out new growth. Keep posting on the trees!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Morningloree, sorry to hear about your Pickering...usually that variety is very carefree. But since you've had issues from the onset I'm happy for you that you're turning it around. I LOVE pickering!

Mine has a few blooms suffered some freeze damage back in January and nipped some of the leaves and a few blooms( you can see the brown leaves mostly on top)...but some of the blooms survived and a few more blooms have started several weeks ago...

I got this tree for Mother's Day 2012...this tree has grown a lot for only being less than 2 years old. Its suppose to be a semi dwarf, I love that it has a short trunk...I prefer my Mango trees short and wide so its easier to protect in the winter and I easier to pick the fruits :o)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Back of the tree seems to have more blooms...

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Wow. Beautiful trees! Do you know if they will grow in zone 8, or are they a true tropical (can't handle a freeze or two a year)? I have wondered about growing one up here. Do they attract the big black Florida bugs?

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

Puglvr1 : Am basically a novice with regard to growing mango trees compared to some of the contributors to this forum. However, had not heard that " carrot " analogy before,..otherwise would definitely have looked for an alternate variety. As it is, I consider the Mallika the " Illegal Alien " in my plantation, but like all those folks I bump into on ocassion, I will treat it with respect and do my best to make it comfortable. ( smile )
Needless to say I am so green with envy after looking at your Pickering.
I may now become re-energized to go out looking for a more mature, robust Pickering,..even if I have to drive back to Homestead or Excalibur ! Your Pickering mango tree is magnificent !

Morningloree : Am sorry to hear about your anthracose dilemma. FYI, I just went out this morning and sprayed all my trees with the liquid copper fungcide, right after poking my head into the interior of my Nam Doc Mai. This is my 3rd spraying in last 3 months, and should be the last this season. I get a little bummed out when I look at the NDM, oldest tree,..been in the ground 5 years but nary a sign of even one flowering pannicle. This will be the third ( 3rd ) year in a row that that tree has just sat there thumbing it's nose ! lol Not sure what to do,..will let this season slide by but may just cut it down and plant a different variety in July or August.

However all is not glum. I have a thriving Glenn mango tree that is simply going bananas.

Wildatheart : Not sure how my fellow bloggers feel, but I would not recommend trying to grow mango trees in the ground in zone 8a. I personally feel that I am at about the northern limit for planting these tropical trees and having reasonable expectations for success. And I am just below South Venice !!! Even hereabouts, I must be vigilant.

Have not seen any of the big bugs you mentioned.

However, the Pickering and a few other varieties are dwarf types, commonly referred to as " condo mangos ", because they can be grown in large pots and taken inside on cold winter nights. Should be something for you to consider.

Have great respect for those that are growing mango trees in the ground anywhere north of Tampa,..simply amazed.

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Thank you, Jofus!

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

In the ground only four years, but now 11 ft tall,..expected yield this June, - 45 to 50 delicious, plump fruits ! Natures benevolence,..can't wait !

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Wildathearts and Jofus!

I agree with Jofus, not a tree you can grow inground in zone 8a unless you have a greenhouse over on top of it when temps dip below 32 degrees...a Container mango should be great for you location...

Congrats on your Glenn mango...looks like another great year for you! I'm not sure what's up with my Glenn only about 40% of the tree bloomed and the rest is "new growths"...not sure why it did the splits for me this year?

I'm sure the carrot flavor in the Mallika is not too distinct and I'm guessing varies from person to person that taste it, you probably won't even notice it...

It does say however that you're suppose to pick them green and let them ripen on the counter for best below...

Wild, here's a picture of my Container mango taken a couple of years ago..some people have grown them in Containers that live up North so I know it can be done...give it a try!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pine Island Nursery...Mallika

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Jofus, here's a picture of my "split" Glenn...60% new growths unfortunately :o(

If you look closely my small Keitt (on the right side of the picture) has some blooms, I'm happy about that since this one last year only had new growths, didn't bloom. Hopefully, I'll get some fruits from it this year. Keitt is one of my favorites too...

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Looks like a good year for Glenns. My mature tree is absolutely covered in blooms. Got over a hundred mangoes last year.

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

puglvr1 : Sorry about your Glenn. I haven't a clue about Keitt's but glad to hear you are happy with it.

Greenie : Yep, IMHO the Glenn's are the most prolific mango producers, - wow, 100 of them last year ? Congratulations !!!!

Latest news : Disappointed with my Nam Doc Mai, I decided to try and find another Pickering ( the tiny one I bought 4 mos ago died upon transplanting ), so trekked around this immediate area again on Thursday but found no trees woth a darn, as usual.
So called Excalibur in desperation, Robert there said they had all kinds of Pickerings but when I explained I couldn't drive that distance again ( 4 hrs one way ), for one tree he told me about Fruitscapes, a nursery on Pine Island just an hours drive south of me. They deal with each other a lot, so I called Fruitscapes and lo and behold they had many Pickerings in 7 gal pots, and at $50 ea, I thought they were a great buy. So drove down yesterday and bought one,..then cut the NDM down this morning !!!
The photo is of the new Pickering. Hopefully it'll compete with the Glenn in another 4 years or so for top producer.
Sad to lose the Nam Doc Mai, heard so many good things about that tree, but it just didn't thrive here for some reason. Upon cutting it down this morning I found all kinds of anthracose on its interior limbs despite the many sprayings/pruning.
A new addition, keeping my fingers crossed.

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What a beauty, I might have to visit that nursery, too.

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

A great idea morningloree, especially if you haven't been to Pine Island before. I have discovered a new, exciting nursery but my drive there brought back memories of my last drive to Pine Island,..over 5 years ago ! I will tell you one thing, I will visit that island more often in the future.
If it's not too far away, I would consider making it a 4, 5 hour escursion while there. After passing thru Matlacha, then visiting the nursery on Stringfellow Rd, do some sightseeing, stopping at some of the open air markets along the road, visiting the Bokeelia area at it's northern end ( one of the best fishing spots in all of SW Florida ), and then stop for lunch at one of the many rustic eateries.
An " Old Florida " spot that is special,...IMHO anyway. lol

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow Jofus, that is a really NICE Pickering! I'll have to check out that nursery soon. Its probably about a 2-2 1/2 hour drive for me one way...but we have family in Cape Coral so it won't be bad of a drive...

I was told there are many Mango, Lychee and tropical fruit vendors there in the summer. Might be a good place to try out different varieties of Mangoes :o)

I've heard SO many people having problems with "splitting" fruits on maybe replacing with a Pickering was a good choice. You will not regret buying a Pickering! It is really delicious, a very good producer and a semi dwarf!! All great traits in a mango tree....

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

puglvr1, Fruitscapes only have 8, 9 acres in all, but that poses no problem due to their close relationship with Excalibur. Just got off the phone with them a few minutes ago, - forgot I also needed a papaya as well, so asked Jesse if they sold them. He says they do, but won't have any in for another month. He said they sell two types,..a Red Lady ( which I am very familiar with ), and a Vietnamese Red, ( which I know nothing about but sounds exciting ). I will call back on March 1st or so, - if they're in I will drive back down and buy one of each !
Am still struggling with the massive, deep root system of the recently cut down Nam Doc Mai,..had no idea these mango trees could develop such massive, deep roots. That should be history however by noon and then the Pickering planted by 1 PM,..well in advance of my Happy Hour ! ( smile )
Lots of work but worth it, keeps me in shape,..somewhat ! lol

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Comprotutto(Miami Beach)

Have a Mallika too that has been sleeping for 6 months with no flush pr sign of growth whatsoever. It is finally waking up after completely missing blooming time. Would you guys know if it is a regular setter?

Linda from Excalibur mentioned they had to dig hers up as it was not particularly productive....

I would not be over-concerned about the carrot taste. I never tried one but from what I read that happens if you do not let the fruit ripen correctly - pick mature green and then in camel dung for 2 weeks or so. If you guys have no camel dung like me I guess a wrapping in in newspaper will do the trick.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Comprotutto...according to this one link I found, hopefully your tree will be a great producer also, maybe its one of those trees that take a few years to become a good producer. You're right, what I've heard about them is you have to pick them mature green and let it ripen inside...wrapping them in newspaper sounds like a good idea...Good luck with your tree, now that Spring is here I'm sure your tree will start growing!

Here is a link that might be useful: Plantogram...Mallika

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

My only contribution to the above querrie is to relate the condition of my newly planted Mallika, which has been in the ground now for 2 1/2 months.The tree has flowered and has a fistful of tiny fruits that will not amount to anything and about 4 new branches with healthy looking green leaves. The tree is still very skinny tho and frail looking. Height is 5 ft, up only 6 inches from when it was planted.
Am hoping it matures like the Maha Chanook and Tebow trees that were planted about 15 months ago, as both trees are now stout and vibrant looking 6 footers with approx. a 2 1/2 " diameter trunk a foot above the soil. Am slightly amazed at their growth but the jury is still out on the Mallika, - just keeping my fingers crossed.

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Hello there!

I planted my Mallika tree just a month ago and it is just putting out new growth leaves now. Jofus, your comments on immigrants were interesting. I think we should remember that all mangos are original aliens to the new world and that Malika was bred for specific characteristics, like portability, disease resistance, and maintaining a compact dwarf frame while still being a hardy producer of fruit. The Mallika was bred from two excellent cultivars in India. If ripened correctly, the flavor profile usually ranks high among mango taste tests. So like a lot of immigrants the "Mallika" is adding it's own excellent virtues and desirable attributes to our amazing melting pot!

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My Nam doc has about 20 nice sized fruit on it but it is still dropping some of the fruit, It did not look so good in the spring but has budded out beautifully now, the new leaves looked malformed Jofus I am a few miles south of you on LGI. My tree is about 5yrs old and about 15 ft high. I have about 3 different sizes of fruit.

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

Hi Rene ! LGI ? Talk about paradise ! I lived even closer to you when I first moved to this area 10 yrs ago,..lived on Pompano St right on Amberjack Creek. I now have 1/4 acre with 6 mango trees in the backyard, 2 avocados, 2 papayas, 1 key lime and 4 banana plants, so am definitely maxed out ! lol

Within last 2 weeks tho I had to dig up and dispose of two of the young mangos, - my Mallika and Nam Doc Mai. Am glad to hear your NDM is doing so well, hope you get to harvest all 20. My 3 oldest trees are 4 yrs in the ground. The Kent however has no mangos at all so my only hope now is the Glenn and the huge ( about 16 ' tall ), Valencia Pride, each have 40 - 45 good looking fruits, so am optimistic about my harvest prospects.

I feel that these trees need about 7, 8 yrs in the ground before they become mature enough to have a reliable harvest most years, - every so often any tree can go fruitless as I discovered when I lived in the Keys.

Am so happy to hear that I have a neighbor with a mango tree so close to salt water that is thriving,..good luck !

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Jofus, I don't stay there all the time, but I really enjoy it in the summer time I also have a home in central Fl. I have a Carrie there that has 7 nice sized fruit on it. It is only about 5.5ft tall.

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