Nematode or Water Damage? (Pics)

dabsmackJuly 3, 2010


My huge fig tree's fruit is starting to ripen. A few large and ripe samples appear like they have a problem. The hole is enlarged although it is not fully ripe. Is this nematode damage or perhaps damage from the recent rainfall? (In Austin, Texas)

Please see the linked picture: Early Figs...

I am a very inexperienced gardener, so any help is greatly appreciated.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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mountainman0826(z8B TX)

Most likely the fig damage is from the recent rains and high humidity. Conditions such as those that we have experienced the past few days can result in swelling, cracking, souring and splitting of many varieties of figs, particularly those with an open eye (the hole in the fat end of the fig). An open eye is a genetic trait of certain varieties of figs such as Brunwick and San Pietro (California Brown Turkey or Blackjack) and in and of itself does not indicate any pathology in the fig. The open eye does allow the entry of water (and insects such as ants) and can result in a higher incidence of spoilage. Most of your unripe figs should be fine unless the damp, humid conditions persist for weeks, in which case the fig leaves will "rust" (acquire a fungus) and the remaining figs may sour. However, take comfort in the fact that that is very unlikely during an Austin, Texas summer!

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Thanks so much for the response. That is a relief. Here's to a great fig bounty for my family, the birds, and the squirrels.

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