Best Soil Medium for newly rooted fig cuttings

italybpJuly 13, 2014

Hello Everyone,
I'm new to growing figs and have learned a lot through trial and error and ofcourse lots of research and questions. At this point I have several cuttings of different variteys that have already been rooted and are in clear plastic cups. I used 60 percent perlite and 40 percent vermiculite for medium and they have done extreemly well with lots of strong rooting. My next step is to transplant them into 1 gallon pots, first off I can use some advice on this and more importantly what is the best medium for this, I have done some reading on the subject and to my understanding it should still have good draining until the tree reaches a certain maturity level. With that being said I'm assuming I can use a mix similar to I have now but with a few different variations, again this is my own gathering and can be completely wrong so that's where you guys come in with your expert opinions.
Just some back ground information:
All my trees will be container kept.
I live in Wilmington Delaware in Zone 7
The variteys I have are: Desert King, Black Mission, Texas Blue Giant, Peters Honey and Brown Turkey.
Thanks in advance

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Hello Brian, I also live in Wilmington DE, and I am going through the same steps as you, but a step or two behind. I have 5 cuttings of Sicilian Red that I still have in plastic bags, but have very goods roots starting to show on 4 of them. My next step is getting them into cups of perlite/vermiculite mix. When you did this, did you control the humidity by putting them into a container or ziploc? How often did you water when they were in this state.

I did some advance reading and found that one grower said while in cups, he used a 60% perlite/40% vermiculite, then when up-potting to 1 gallon pots he used 50% hummus and 50% perlite. I have three that I purchased that I currently have in 1 gallon pots of 50/50 hummus/perlite. Two of the three have a small fruit on them, but there hasn't been much growth in the last month. It may be due to the fruit, but I am reluctant to remove it. I did just find a small brown scale/oyster scale problem on 2 of the 3 plants. Used my fingernail to remove all of it, but keeping a close eye to see if there were any eggs. Maybe that had something to do with the slow growth. I also have just started fertilizing, trying to induce some growth.

I will be interested to see what responses you get.


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