Flower Carpet Scarlet roses didnt come back

MeToe(3a)August 13, 2013

I'm hoping someone here can suggest what I should do. Last spring i planted 6 flower carpet scarlet roses, apprx 3' apart, 4 along my driveway & 2 infront of house in partial shade. Last year they were all huge & beautiful. We have early winters here but I had wrapped them in burlap & covered the roots with surrounding mulch. I should point out, they were still in full bloom when I did this, had no choice, a week later (early October, we had our first snowfall) i waited til after last frost, which was also late coming, after May long weekend usually. I pruned them back 8-10", the previous foliage was all "freeze dried" and it was a mess... Water & fertilized them, again end of may, and then I was away for a month! They got plenty of water during this time, but when I returned in mid July! Every 2nd rose was JUST beginning to show off shoots starting, and the other 3 showed no signs of life at all!
My question is, should I leave well enough alone & pray they'll come back next year- theyre only 3-4" now, as I pruned them back further hoping i might "jump start" them, cover them with mulch for winter and do nothing? Or

Do I move the 3 that aren't growing (late fall(end sept) or early spring(early may) and give the 3 that are barely holding onto life more room to grow? Will the 3 transplanted even come back if I move them?

I've added a photo of what they looked like last July, they eventually filled most of the gaps between them by the time i winterized in late sept. disregard the top right plant (its gone now) the top two left bushes are also roses. The drainage is good. They're suppose to be hardy enough for my zone(at least Costco where I got them said so) I have several Annabelle hydrangeas & 2 lilac trees at the edge of the front property, and they're all doing well.

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I just have a few thoughts - the first is it's normal for non-hardy or semi-hardy roses to die back in the winter. If it's otherwise vigorous and healthy it will bounce back and grow nicely each summer.

Mainly though, I wouldn't grow tender perennials along a driveway that you're clearing snow from. Even if there is burlap and snow over the roses, it's only a couple of inches to the driveway with no snow cover and the cold seeping deep into the ground. Those will also be competing at one side for nutrients with the grass, and blocked at the other side by concrete and gravel.

As for what to do now, the dead ones are dead. If a rose hasn't grown by August, it's not coming back. I don't know if you live near me, but we had a very long, cold winter last winter. Hopefully the ones that are still alive will get established and perform better for you in future years.

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