Are older fig trees hardier?

tedgrowsit(6b PA)July 23, 2011

Several years ago I bought two fig trees and planted Italian Honey fig in the ground. It grew well, as expected, then came winter. In spite of attempts at protection it died to the roots. In spring I potted it and it has been potted since. Does age add hardiness? Could it work to plant trees out that are more mature? Should it be planted in spring or fall?

Thanks, Ted

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Yes it will resist cold better when planted more mature.
Plant in Spring.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Each fig tree is endowed with a certain level of hardiness, primarily determined by what it is encoded with, genetically speaking, but also partially determined by cultural influences. Vegetatively propagated figs will have exactly the same level of resistance to chill as the parent material.

All temperate trees become increasingly hardy with age - to a point. To the degree that lignified tissues (especially roots) are more cold-hardy than tissues that are all or nearly all dynamic mass, the tree increases in its resistance to cold; but even if a tree lives to be 200 years old, it is still genetically limited in how much cold it can tolerate, and those genetic limits are the same as they were when the plant was a whip. The genetic limitations don't change, but tissue composition does, and therein lies the reason for the fact that older trees are more resistant to cold.

The fact is, the fine roots and young branches of a 100 year old tree exhibit exactly the same level of cold-hardiness as the branches and roots of the same age on a newly established cutting. The rub lies in the fact that virtually ALL of the newly established cutting's tissues are young and will die at a higher temperature than the well-lignified older tree's older root and branch tissues from which new roots and branches arise after the younger tissues succumb to cold.


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Thanks Al,for explaining to the above question better than I could.
I was reading it for my own interest and found your explanation totally clear and concise.

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Ted or anyone else,

I would listen to what these two guys say. Both are real experts and know what they are talking about.


It is nice to see that you are posting again. I am sure everyone (including me) will benefit from your knowledge and expertise.



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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Navid - I sort of rearranged some of my priorities, which ultimately ended up making me exceedingly busy all summer with familial commitments and personal projects, as well as my own (mostly bonsai) trees and gardens; so I haven't had as much free time to devote to the interaction with friends on the forums I enjoy so much.

Big thanks to you AND Herman for the kind words - much appreciated. It was actually your email that piqued my curiosity about what's happening over here on "Figs".

Take care!


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Hi Al,
Yes indeed its nice to see you posting once again.
I always said i would like to see you posting on the figs4fun forum as well , perhaps one day.
Best To You

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No problem at all. We all are happy that you are back again.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

...... and to you, Martin.

I really enjoy taking part in discussions about trees and the associated fields of science. I'm actually already a member of F4F, even though I only go there very occasionally to look around when I get an email (usually with a link) asking me to weigh in on different subjects with a fresh perspective from that which someone was trying to force feed the group. I normally just reply by email whenever I can to avoid waves. Since I'm getting all caught up on practically everything, perhaps I'll have more time once the growing season in MI ends & everything is tucked in for the winter. I'd enjoy joining you guys at F4F.


PS: Sorry to get OT Ted, Forgive me, please?

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Already a member well thats great , one day please say hello as i dont recall your screen name there.

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