Little black bugs in my figs

aquatinaJuly 27, 2008

My first harvest of figs this year were great with big sweet fruit. Now I am getting a second group of figs ripening however now there are little black bugs in the fruit. They are coming out of the eye of my figs when I pick them and now I am having to throw all of them away. We are also experiencing some of the leaves turning yellow are droping off. This is a very hot and dry summer this year in Central Texas. My tree is about 4 years old and this has been the best year yet for the number of figs it is producing. What are these bugs and how do we stop them. We dusted with Sevian duct but that's not helping.

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If these little bugs don't fly and just crawl a product call Tanglefoot works well its good at stopping ants and crawling insects,smear around base of tree its sticky like honey and will not hurt tree.

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Thanks. No they do not fly. They are hard shell and very small. I think they are some type of beetle.I don't see any of them any where but inside the fruit but I will give your suggestion a try. We have picked and tossed all the fruit from the tree in hopes of also getting rid of them.

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Did that help? I am having the same problem, but I get the feeling the bugs are coming OUT of the bud rather than crawling in. Might they be hatching inside the fruit? How can I stop them? I had a problem once with ants and was told to put vasaline all around the trunk of my citrus trees and it stunted the growth of the trunk badly. I would be afraid to do what you suggested above.

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I bought the tanglefoot but haven't used it. We sprayed with a product called Garden Safe Insecticidal Soap and we pulled all the fruit off the tree. I talked with a couple of folks from nurseries here. I was told I probably got bug free figs earlier but because it had become so hot and dry (Central Texas) that the bugs had most likely laid their eggs and were hatched in the friut to get the fluid. They recommend to discard the fruit and spray witha domical spray at the end of the season and when they first start budding in the spring to spray with a fruit tree spray.

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That Minuscule black beetle is Specifically a fig fruit pest.
It is very hard to get rid of them.
Best Ideea is to grow figs with very tight closed eye,that they can't enter.
I had them in New Jersey ,here too.
Best luck

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I live near Dallas and these bugs have been all over my garden and figs this year. My poor figs have dropped because of the heat and the yellow leaves are heat related too :( Since the figs have stopped ripening due to heat they are camping out in my okra. Gross. I have closed eye figs and so they arent going in but making scratch like marks all over the outside of the figs. Im trying the sticky stuff.

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If the bugs fly it wont work but if they have no wings and only crawl like ants then it should work,

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