Wild Oxalis, aka Sourgrass

schoolhouse_gwJuly 1, 2013

The bane of my existence used to be Shotweed, but the Oxalis is rampant in my garden and everywhere on my property this year. Have always had it but I guess all the rain we've had since Spring has made it grow leaps and bounds. I'm forever pulling the stuff, seems like the next day it's right back! This is the one with the small yellow bloom. Mine can get very tall and almost shrub like if I don't catch it looming under the daylilies. And it seems to love growing under my boxwood hedge.

The wild violets are just as evasive this year despite pulling gobs in the Fall and this Spring.

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What's that saying? If you can't beat it, Eat it! Oxalis and violets are both edible. Also Garlic mustard- my bane. I like oxalis tossed with dandelion greens & ferns-fiddleheads & simple oil, vinegar & lemon dressing.. Garlic mustard is too strong for me, as are ramps. If I get enough rain there will be 2 or 3 morels by the creek. The same flood that brought the garlic mustard brought the morels.

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We used to eat "Sourgrass" when we were kids but just for fun, not actually in a recipe. My dad and mom always talked about eating dandelion greens but never heard them mention the fiddleheads, altho I know they are edible. What part of the violet is edible? just the bloom? My violets are no longer blooming - just growing - and BIG.

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