Unknown fig with unusual elongated immature fruits in Salinas, CA

rjcantorJuly 2, 2011

I've been working here for a few months and as I'm leaving I see a huge fig tree in a Uhaul yard. It's been there 25 years at least. No one knows what it is. The neighbors fight over whose fault it is and they both have been trying to kill it for years. The Uhaul guy told me anyone who wants a cutting can take one. The fruits are the longest in comparison to their width I've ever seen and they have a pretty big eye. It has purple figs and they say they're delicious. It's at Pat's Service Station on Market.







Any ideas what these might be? I'm in the middle of moving but I'd send one to Encanto Farms if interested.

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The young fruit does have a strange elongated shape.

Not sure what it is.
Stella was the first that came to mind, but that is a white fig.


WITHOUT the 2 *'s (1 after )
and URLs given above
one gets the photos displayed :

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

It looks like it will be a dark fig when its ripe.
Make sure to take cuttings.


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Thanks, Gorgi! I'd forgotten how to do that. For me it was a 1 way rental and believe me, greedy soul I am, I took cuttings :) But I'd encourage anyone in the Salinas area to get some. I didn't take any fruiting branches so there's plenty left for fall cuttings. The tree is very rounded rather than tall, quite the opposite of its fruit. It's also huge. The part on the Uhaul side of the fence was 20' wide (along the fence, 10' out from the fence) and 10' tall.

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Hi rcantor,
Would you be interested in selling a cutting or two?

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Hi Cathy! As you may have gathered I'm moving. I already potted them up. I'm always up for a trade when I can :)

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