Want to start a fig tree from a shoot I dug up

marnevaJuly 6, 2011

I dug up a shoot under my aunt's 30 year old fig tree to try to start my own. It is a pretty large branch and had 2 figs on it and a nice root system. Since its July, is it best to put the shoot in a flower pot and wait until spring to plant it or go ahead and plant it now? If now, how should I care for it during the winter? I read that fig trees like clay soil...which is great b/c we have a lot in North Texas. When I plant should I just put it right into the clay or dig out and put better soil and compost?

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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

At this time of year and with the drought and heat hitting Texas I would pot it up into a 2 gallon size pot. Depending on how tall the sprout is I would consider topping it to match the root system and then put it in deep shade until it get's over the separation. Don't over water but watch it closely, pots dry out fast and it might need water every few days or sooner. You might use some of the local clay soil in the pot along with some potting mix. The clay will help retain moisture. I would also over winter it inside this coming winter and plant it in ground in the spring after the frosts are over.

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I would put it in the ground where you plan to plant it. Mix some potting soil with the local clay/dirt, add a thick layer of mulch. Keep it watered and shaded til your are sure it is established in its new home. Protect it from freezing this winter. Good Luck

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