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kathi_mdgdJuly 23, 2013

here ya go,enjoy!!

Red passion flower

star gazer lily


Passion flower


alice DuPont mandaville







Enjoy the view

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

Lovely! Wow, I have never seen that many blooms on a hoya. And very jealous of growing nectarines.

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I made a peach cobbler this afternoon with the peaches I picked on sunday.The nectarines are bigger than my oranges,and they're both sooooooooooo good.Love fresh picked fruit.Although now I have to limit what I eat of it as I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in feb this year.

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Everyone must be in the gardens as this board is kinda dead!!! JMO

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

I thought the same thing. It is kind a "dead".
Do you use stevia for a sweetener? I am growing some in a couple pots. I buy a bag of Stevia in the Raw I use it in my coffee and in my green tea with pomegranate. I don't care for anything to be really really sweet. I am not diabetic. About 2 years ago my doctor. said my sugar was a bit high. So I made the decision to limit my sugar.

I don't know about other parts of TX, but nectarines won't produce here. Ag. people say the same about apricots. But one son used to own a house that had 2 producing apricot trees in the Houston area. The squirrels really enjoyed them :-(

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

I meant to tell you a tale.
I had a red passion vine. It was scarlet. the petals folded down when fully open. it grew like crazy. It grew from the trellis to the roof and across the roof to the front yard.
One night my DH said, "you know, I'm a bit afraid to go to sleep tonight" He said he was fearful that dang vine would get him in his sleep.
The problem with that vine was it bloomed in late October. So I got few blooms before we would get a light freeze.

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No I use Splenda,i tried stevia once but to me it left a bitter after taste,so I continued with the splenda.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes this past feb,so had to change my way of eating and what I eat.I have lost 32 # since then.So I have to limit my fruit intake as well and what a shame,i used to eat a lot of it especially when the trees were loaded like now.

The birds are what eat a lot of our peaches,they take a bite here and there and go from peach to peach.Really ticks me off.

That's crazy about the red passion vine you had,my dh doesn't let ours get out of control.Some times he trims things too much.

We're retired so we spend a lot of time in the gardens,and we both love it.In fact i'm waiting for the sun to move now so I can go finish cleaning the garden I started cleaning yesterday.

Enjoy your garden and have a great weekend.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Congratulations on losing so much weight. You may have even cured your diabetes, though you'll need to be careful of what you eat from here out. I'm a family doc with many typeI diabetics in my family. I'd encourage you to check how your sugar reacts to the fruit. If it doesn't go very high, then you can allow yourself more fruit. Fresh fruit has so many other health benefits, I'd be tempted to tell you to eat more of it, even at the risk of a slight rise in blood sugar.


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Martha,just a little story,unless of course I get carried away,which I tend to do sometimes.

Yesterday dh and I went to the Chinese buffet,and I was sure my blood would be over what it should be.2 hours after we got home I tested it and it was only up to 125,which was only 15 pts higher than it was a t breakfast.Ok I told myself,that's great,as I really watched what I ate there and the amount.

This afternoon I ate one of the nectarines I picked the other day and when I checked it before dinner it had shot up 42 points and was 162.

I told dh about it and told him I guess i'll just have to eat the smaller ones.LOL

I'm not going to give up eating them,just will eat smaller ones,and not every day.They are soooooooooo good!!

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