kioni(3)August 18, 2008

Wow! I love mine, I'd bought a teeny one in a 2.5" pot from the local Canadian Tire, and it is now huge! Does anyone know whether it'll produce a tuber for me to overwinter? I know, I will find out soon enough when the fall frost comes, but the suspense of waiting is near killing me, I've gently dug around the base and sense nothing, I don't want to wait, I want to know now!

I would post on the begonia forum, but I think everyone is out gardening there too!

(searching on the web, I am strongly suspecting it is a seed only type of plant).

Thanks all,

~ kioni ~

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I am rather doubtful that this will produce a tuber large enough to overwinter but why don't you try growing it as a houseplant? It would need a bright sunny spot over the winter. I have had some success with growing begonias this way. They tend to get rather straggly looking near the end of winter but you can cut it back or take cuttings to rejeuvenate it.

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Yes, keep it growing for as long as possible by bringing into the house and placing in a bright location, it will later want go dormant and begin to yellow and die back and the stems will likely drop off ... of course reduce watering at this time. Then store within a cool place, about 10 C is good. I don't allow the soil to become totally bone dry, as the bulb(s) then might also dry up. I usually start them back into growth in early to mid March.


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Thanks both. I would prefer to overwinter a tuber than a plant, as I have some other plants (why do I do this?) that I wish to overwinter also that don't make tubers, and there's usually stiff competition for window space for all the plants in our home during the winter months! But it can't hurt to try storing the pot. I think I will let it die down at frost time, like with other begonias. I'm always worried I won't find the same colour/plant next year (and it has happened) and that's why I want the tuber.

This came as a 2.5" potted seedling, real tiny, and just grew so large, and my luck next year no greenhouses will offer it in the small pot for $1.69 - instead they'll offer a lusciously beautiful large specimen in a 4" or 6" pot for, say, $6. Kind of breaks the pocketbook. (I mean, come on, I spotted common marigolds grown singly in 4" pots for $4! Who can afford that when you need/want more than one?).


P.S. Terri (I've already previewed and can't go back to the thread to check the spelling on your name, sorry) did you have any luck finding a fragrant begonia this year?

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These I had started from seed of "Illumination Apricot" Âvery slow and tedious  though, an inexpensive way of obtaining many plants!

"Terri (I've already previewed and can't go back to the thread to check the spelling on your name, sorry) did you have any luck finding a fragrant begonia this year?"  gotta love having a unisex name  itÂs Terry, as in male, lol Â

I did obtain a variety called "Sweet Kate", though through neglect had lost the thing, unfortunately!

I still have "Pink Scentiment" Â it does have a very nice fragrance!


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TerrY, where did you get your seed? Those are gorgeous.

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I had gotten the seed from either Stokes or Thompson and Morgan, there's a whole series of colors available.


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Terry; thanks for the pictures (are both from seed of an apricot labelled begonia? One would appear to be quite yellow (and equally as pretty) compared to the other).

My apologies to you also about the misspell of your name...and I hope this sounds sincere that I did not mean by my first note that my sorry was in an offhandish way in that it was not important to me whether I did get it right or not - but I should have been more careful and precise.

As by my original post, I seem to suffer from an 'impatience' gene, and this is something I've been aware of for some time now, and now is a good time as any to challenge that flaw in my character, and I will wait with patience for first frost to bring my begonia in and check on whether I've got a tuber under there or not, and will report back. (Also, I will make sure about the content of my post being all there before I hit that preview message box).

Debbie, I would try to overwinter in a window, except that I also have a lot of house plants that demand prime window area, and this is why I would really prefer to have a tuber that I can keep somewhere cool.

Thanks everyone for your time,


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Kioni, yes, the begonias shown are all from the apricot blend of seed, the yellow is a favorite for the nice full blooms.

I will apologize to you Kioni, I was just pulling your leg regarding the spelling of my name ... so, please don't be hard on yourself :)


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