Purple fig with white spots - what is it?

rjcantorAugust 26, 2008

Some people thought this wild fig might be a mission, but one prominent feature of the fig is tiny white dots on both the immature and mature specimens. I'm not finding that in descriptions of the missions. The other strikingly consistant element of the immature figs is that they're all boot shaped. See the link below for pictures. I've added more of the purple one - leaves and immature fruit - scroll down to see them. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Scroll down to

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Since this is a "wild" fig it is probably a seedling dropped by a bird that ate the seeds at some point. The seeds may have been created by a wasp pollinating a dark fig with some unknown caprifig. Since we don't know the parents of this tree it will be near impossible to identify it. It may very well be a new hybrid not yet named.

The white spots are also seen on a Kadota which is a green fig. Did a caprifig with this gene (white spots) pollinate a Mission or other dark fig? I think only a DNA analysis will solve this question.


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drasaid(zone 8)

That looks like a fantabulous fig, and the bizarro shapes of the leaves and the baby shoe fruit just push the needle on my WeirdoMeter right into the red zone.
To heck with what it is and gimmi!

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I agree with drasaid! gimmi!!!

Are you willing to send those of us with an interest some cuttings? I'm game!


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Send me addresses - I just finished chopping it up. I had to return the kayak early, so what I have now is all there is. You have to promise to
1. name it after me
2. send me a rooted cutting if mine fail to root

I've marked the bottom with sharpie markers. I have some cuttings from nearby fig trees that may be the same type judging from the white spots, and some other trees with no figs. Tell me if you want those unknowns, too. And if you want cuttings of the adriatic, let me know. Be warned that the fig texture was very thick or viscous - some may not like that. Tell me how many cuttings you want. Purple is marked P, Yellow is marked Y, unknowns are unmarked.

Trades are welcome. Send me your best tasting figs. I don't have celeste or atreano. All I do have is these wild ones and Chicago Hardy. I may have some missions if the gal actually did water them while I'm here in California...

And Sue, if you can do the genetic analysis that would be great. This wild purple fig is less than half a mile from the wild yellow fig you identified.

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Oh, and Desert King and the others good for the Pacific NW - I'm hoping to move there. But any others (like Celeste and gold Celeste) I'll keep in containers. Thanks!

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Where can I send you my address? I dont see How I can contact you.


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rcantor:your purple fig is not wild,nor did it came from as seed.
First of all the wasp do not leave in your state.
Second of all,a wild fig does not suffer from Fig mosaic virus ever, when it grow from a seed.
It is only transmitted from another fig neaRBY.
FIG MOSAIC IS also,present when the plant is grown from an infected cutting,but never from a seed.
When grown from an infected cutting,then it is a domesticated fig planted by people.
Hope this will help

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Arigato, click on my name and then click on the link to send me an email. Include your email so I can get back to you and snail mail so I can send them. Tell me how many you want and if you also want the adriatic and/or some unknowns. Send me cuttings of your best tasting figs!

Herman, you missed the first posting with other details - totally understandable. I'm in California for work. The figs are on a steep riverbank - I found them while kayaking. The deformed leaves were underwater. None of the leaves out of the water were deformed. To protect the bush I only took branches that were un likely to survive. Now I wish I'd taken a few more really healthy ones, but the tree is covered in wild grapes and brambles and I wanted to preserve the branches that were in the sun. My assumption was that twigs floated downstream during high water, landed up on the river bank and took root. Sue had a different idea consistant with the details she already knew from the other thread.

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email sent

Sometimes the GW email system doesn't work (better to have your email address visible), so if you don't get an email from me please write me at HL@comcast.net



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I'm out of the purple fig wood. I still have unknowns that are probably the same plant based on the immature figs and adriatics to send out.

I'm calling it Cantor's Speckled Purple

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Sorry - all sold out. No more fig wood of any kind.

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