Please help me identify this fig

texascockatoos(7B)August 7, 2010

Hello -

I saw this fig tree while taking a road trip over the weekend.

Is it possible to determine what type of fig it is?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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I do not give you a sugestion,I tell you a fact:
Your fig is English Bron Turkey as known in Europe.
Your fruit is not quite ripe and the tatse is not great at this stage.
Why not let it ripe totally before you take it off?

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Hi herman2,

Thanks for letting me know it's a Brown Turkey. This tree is about 40 miles from my house and the day that I was there I did not see any ripe figs. But I am glad to see large fig trees on their own doing so well near me.

Thanks again.

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This fig is not the run of the mill MIxed hybrid,Brown ,Turkey,but the one and only desirable ENGLISH Brown Turkey.

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