newbie here: help in identifying my figs

chdorr(8)August 22, 2011

Hey Folks,

Love what I've seen here! This is my first post, hope I'm not egregiously breaking protocol!

I live in Portland, OR, bought my house on '03 and it came with a very productive mature fig tree in the back.

The tree is anywhere from 10'-15' tall, canopy is probably 13' across.

In a typical summer it will be ripe and prime picking in mid-July. Last year it was last week in July. This year, right now (mid-August)...we just had our first 90+ degree day since last summer!

I've never know what our variety is, except that I never see it in stores or markets in the area. The outer flesh is always a light green, it does not brown on the vine. If picked and left on the counter for a few days, hey! Presto! Browning figs.

Inner fruit is light pink to purple, to rich purple depending on ripeness. Leaves are 3 or 5 lobed.

Pics are here if anyone would be so kind as to take a look and let me know what they think. My best guess is a Paradiso, but it sounds like there are a lot of variants under that umbrella.

Many thanks for any help that may come and for such a great fig resource here!


Here is a link that might be useful: Flickr fig pics

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Dotatto/ Kadota ( American name)

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frozenjoe(9 Arizona)

Looks like Desert King to me. Is the fruit ripening on the new green growth from this year or on the dark wood from last year?


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Joe u know better than me- it was the first thing that came to mind

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frozenjoe(9 Arizona)


If it's a breba crop then it's probably Desert King, but if not then could be Kadota or something else. The color of the skin and interior look like DK. And I doubt that I know more than you.


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Desert King

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Whoa! Thanks for the feedback folks! The ripe ones are mostly from the older wood but there are some that appear to be ripening on greener shoots.

Thanks again. Just did the first attempt at drying them in a dehydrator. Eh. I really just like to eat them fresh off the tree. Otherwise it's just a tease.


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from the photos I would say it is Dotatto, I have the same tree, ripening at the same time in Seattle (maybe a few days behind you)
Aren't they GREAT figs??
I shared starts of this fig with dozens of people here a couple seasons back, I hope someone is enjoying their new Dotatto figs.

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