My fig tree (pics)

wojtekAugust 19, 2010

Dear all,

I`d like to share some information concerning my in-ground fig tree (unknown variety). At the beginning I`d like to say that we had very strong winter. Temperatures we had were very low - minus 30-35 C during 3 weeks, and minus 20-25 C during almost all winter. My fig was buried and wonderful survived that severe cold. After the winter, the tree had survived almost with no damage, except the ends some branches, which were affected with moulds. It happened probably because most of the tips were not enough lignified. And one thing - from the beginning of august I applied some potassium sulphate. It should make the fig tree more cold hardy (just make lignification faster).

And this year our figs starting to ripen. I think, that is a kind of success in my climate zone. Aha, once more, I am still looking for Desert King and Chicago Hardy.



First ripe fig (breba)

My fig tree

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Good for you. I take them inside.

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

Hello Wojtek,

That's a pretty tree and the figs look like they're doing well. Thanks for letting us see the pictures of it.

You sure get some COLD weather over there! BRRRRR!!!!!


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Those are some gorgeous figs for a brebas - that one looks to be pouring sugar froth out of itself!

How do you bury one of that size?

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The temperatures you described show a very harsh year for Zine 6b because these are the temperatures associated with zone 5a winters. I tried a few plants in my unheated garage and it took these plants until July to show some green shoots. It was just an experiment (results not encouraging).
I hope you get many more ripe figs

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Thanks for a friendly comments.
jdreinstein - Previous 2 years it was not so difficult to bury my tree. I have bent all branches to the ground (before were fixed together), sprayed with anti-fungal spray, covered with kind of burlap, and again sprayed against moulds. And after that I put a lot of soil. I`ve made a kind of "grave" for my fig. But it worked !!! So, be honest my tree was not buried but covered with a soil.
ottawan_z5a - really, last winter was very very hard even for our zone. Of course I agree temps we got last winter were for zone 5. Concerning figs - I hope we`ll eat more figs and not only breba.

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First of all,what you have there is main crop figs.
Second your fig is not unknown:It is English Brown Turkey.
I have one Identical to yours.

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Only one breba:The ripe one

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Wojtek, email me regarding Desert King question.

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Thanks for comments.
herman2 - thank you for the remarks but I sad unknown because I dont remember the origin of my tree. Now I am happy that it is not unknown variety thanks to you. Concerning breba - I am sure they are breba - they are growing on old wood (pic 6th). Main crop is on pic 7th.

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I beg to differ! Those in Pix 6,are Main crop.
Any fruit that grow just above and next to a leaf is main crop!

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