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tpapa2001February 21, 2013

Hi All,
I posted this question on Lawn Care board but I guess it was too geneal and thus have not any follow up...
I live in Fort Myers (Lee county), I'm just started to take care of my lawn instead of getting lawn care company. Currently I have fugus problem with my Floritam lawn (St. Augustine variant). I've looked at two feed stores in the area for corn meal, but the closet I came to is cracked corn (chicken feed). Does anyone know of any feed store carry corn meal (animal feed grade)?


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keiki(10 FL)

Call Futurals, they will help you. I have had nothing but good experience with them I don't now if they have corn meal but I bet they will help you locate some if they don't.

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Hi Keiki,
Thank-you for your response. Yes, I dropped by Futral Feed Store on Palm Beach Blvd. and unfortunately they do not carry corn meal feed nor do they know where I can locate some. I called Tractor Supply Company and they do not carry it either and suggested I check with Lowes and Home Depot. I've read the corn meal use for taking care of this fugus issue is the same one you get in the grocery store. I hate to use food grade corn meal to fertilize my lawn; somehow that doesn't sound right. I've also read cracked corn works just as well except you might get lot of birds on your lawn feeding on the corn. I called Pam's Feed Store, they do not carry it as well but they do have cracked corn in 50lbs bag and alfalfa pillet. This is my first try at fertilizing my lawn organicly and it does takes a lot of time and effort finding supplies.


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I am here in Ft Myers, but half a year. One of those snow birds

Coming from Canada

I have never seen corn gluten down here , for sale, but we do have it available in Canada and in the north of the U.S. Is found at Home Depot, Lowes etc. even Walmart has it up north But is corn gluten not corn meal feed.

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