Photos from my garden this year.

jennypat Zone 3b NW MN(Zone 3b NW MN)July 6, 2014

Here are a few images from the garden this year. Notice how I strategically took pictures so the weeds would not show up.

You can see the entire album on my flicker site.


Here is a link that might be useful: JennyPat's 2014 garden album

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You have some very pretty blooms and a nice variety of perennials. I especially like the lovely seating areas,etc.

Hey, I take pics the same way - making sure weeds don't do a photo bomb.

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springroz(z6 SKY)

How beautiful!! I am new to cottage gardening with 4 seasons....we moved to Kentucky from SE Texas. So far(even with the horrible winter we had....) I love it!


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Hi jennypat,..i truly enjoyed every picture and you do take a good picture,..beautiful blooms and a garden full of surprises,..i was seriously trying to identify each plant then suddenly got a laugh over your Trolls,..that one in the locket is soooo real.

The front of your house is beautiful as well as the islands of flowers you have here and there,..that log fits very well into the surroundings,..makes a natural appearance,..well done and thank you for the nice tour.


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jennypat Zone 3b NW MN(Zone 3b NW MN)

Thank you! I totally forgot the trolls were there. I used to have whole albums of my creations, but they are gone. And I can't remember if I removed them or not. Ah well

JEnny P

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Nice-- the top yellow one looks like a verbascum..

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So beautiful, JennyPat !!! What a camera you must have to capture the beauty. It's like being there. Can almost smell the blooms.

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

Wow Jenny! What a beautiful garden you have created. Truly special! You have a lot of oriental lilies! Do you find them locally or have a favorite place to buy them? Also do you have to cage the bulbs from animals underground?

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jennypat Zone 3b NW MN(Zone 3b NW MN)

Thank you! Most of this years pictures were taken with my iPhone, although I do have a nice older camera.

Lilyfinch, actually most of my lilies are Asiatic, they grow really well up here in the north. I don't really have a special place to buy them. Some were passed along from my great uncle, some were here when we moved here (the orange ones) some I picked up here and there. I don't have problems with critters eating the bulbs. But I do have trouble with deer or rabbits going after them when they are small.

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