Shady but highly-trafficked area

cynthiainsouthflaFebruary 6, 2012

Hey, I wonder if any of you has an idea for a problem area in my yard. It's under a live oak, so the grass does not grow well, and we have mostly dirt there, so it is not very attractive. However, it is in a strip of land between the front driveway and the side yard. If we make it a path of some kind, it won't really lead anywhere, so it would look wierd, plus it's not a very large area, but it's along the main route to the back yard, so it has to be walkable in some way. Ideas?

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Might try Mondo Grass. It doent need much water or light and can take some walking on. Not good for a lot of foot trafic but can handle a fair amount. Could put down stepping stones for the walkway and mondo grass around. It is rather slow growing and comes in different sizes.

Just an idea.

Good luck,

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