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foolishpleasureAugust 16, 2010

OK after I dig the pots of my Figs from the garden soil and take them to the Garage during winter. My garage floor is concrete but I put Boards of wood under the pots. I have a barometer in the garage and a small heater. I can fairly control the temperature in the Garage. The question is how many degrees I am thinking to 40 F. Is that good enough.

Also Watering I am thing of 8 ounce of water per Pot monthly. Is that good too?

This the first time I do that for Figs I did it for Banana. The Banana need 55 F so I will keep the Banana in separate place. I think 55 F will be too much for Figs.

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

40° is cold enough for fig dormancy. As far as watering, it will not require much watering at all. If the tree in a large pot, just water it when you store it away, usually after a hard frost. when fully dormant, potted figs can take temperatures down to -25° as long as the wood is not soft.


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organic_aer1(NJ 6)

Hi Bass

Why can potted figs take temps. to -25 when the in ground plants would die?



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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

It rarely gets 40 degrees here, and my fig still goes dormant. 50 is as low as it goes (with the exception of 40 every 9 years), and the figs, palms, grapes, dates, citrus and olives all thrive.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The ideal over-wintering temperature range is from 32* to 42*.

It's best not to think in terms of what your trees will tolerate, because roots don't all die at the same temperatures. The more lignified the root, the greater it's cold-hardiness; so, while the organism as a whole might tolerate root temperatures in the low 20s, it's a sure bet that a significant fraction of the roots will be lost along the way. Even here in Mid-MI, 6" soil temperatures on agricultural acreage (no cover - bare earth) almost NEVER drop below 25*, no matter how cold the winter or prolonged the cold spell. If they did, a significant number of our in situ trees would be affected.


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Thank you all. First time for me to raise Figs. I will keep the temperature at 40 or little below. It may range from 35-40. As you know it is very difficult to keep specific temperature in unheated Garage.

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It is hard to control. Several seasons back we had a good ole fashion winter .
Garage temper hovered 6 to 8 degree's then in the low to mid teens for a couple weeks.

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