Fig Tree Growers in Co ?

gardenfiend(Z 5 Co.)August 2, 2011

Does anyone have 1 or 2 little fig tree cutting I could have? Please? I'm in zone 5 (Colorado Springs) & would love to have a rooted fig tree cuttings to start my garden with. We had a big fig tree in our yard in Tx. when I was a child (over 55 + yrs ago). I think it was a brown turkey but I'm not sure. They were so delicious! I don't have any plants to trade right now but if they aren't to much I might be able to buy one. I would be very appreciative & happy! I only need 1 little cutting to get started. Please & Thank You, %): >

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I'd give you a fig if it weren't so far. I don't want to ship a rooted plant right now.

Are you aware that in CS this will be a pot only venture? Even then it will be a strain to get fruit. I'm 800 miles south and lower elevation. We hardly have enough season for potted figs outdoors. They freeze back every winter if planted outdoors.

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