My new fig (brown turkey)

Avril_UKAugust 19, 2014

Hello :)

I have just joined this wonderful site as it appears to have very knowledgeable users, especially regarding my new plant, a fig tree.

Mine is in a 5 litre pot and at present sporting some small figs which don't appear to have grown much for some months now.

Autumn is coming, not that we had much of a summer, and already the leaves are turning yellow. I have read I need to leave these alone as they are building nutrition for the root ball but what should I do with the figs?

I have ceased feeding the plant as it appears to be getting ready to lay dormant. If someone could help me with regard the figs on the plant I would be very grateful.

I am in zone 10 UK.


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When figs first appear and about pea size they can take anywhere between 80 to 120 days or so depending on climate and type of cultivar.
Hope this helps.

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Hi, Avril
Figs are hard to grow in the u.k because of the short summers we have, but it doesn't mean it's not possible. Breba crop (fruit on last years wood) seem to work the best here. I would say desert king is the best producing/ tasting fig tree in the uk planted out in ground.
Also a greenhouse can extend are growing season by about 1-2 months.
By the way am down the road from you in leicester.
Best regards


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