stella struttin' its stuff in da garden

bragu_DSM 5June 19, 2014



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A true workhorse in the garden! Wouldn't be without them. Mine tend to get quite large and need quartering about every three years. I like the plant and enjoy and forget attributes. Well, there is the cutting down of spent bloom stalks.

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shive(6b TN)

When the Stellas bloom, it heralds the beginning of daylily season, so they are always a welcome sight. I just returned from a trip to Indianapolis, where there is a lot of landscaping done with Stellas. Mine were blooming down in the foliage this time, but all the ones I saw in Indy were fairly tall and very well budded.


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Too bad they're regarded as that to be that hidden away b**t**d child of the daylily world. I do like all daylilies in a non-avid sort of way - deer like them too but seem to overlook the Stellas that I have here and there. For me that's a bonus.

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I know they are definitely over-planted -- used in every storefronts landscaping around here.

But... for a newbie gardener like me, they are a sure-fire way of having something that successfully grows and blooms in my front yard!

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That's the spirit, stir.

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