Joe Pye Weed

schoolhouse_gwJuly 30, 2010

A big wild Joe Pye Weed in the orchard. Three yellow swallowtails have been working it over this week, sometimes all feeding at the same time. Each time I noticed them, I didn't have my camera. A variety of bees enjoy it too.

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Wow that a big one.I have the pink one and it pops up everywhere.

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THAT is a huge joe pye! My goodness, my 'Little Joe' is a dwarf at 4 feet (and I think I'm glad).

My garden is in motion -- butterflies, dragonflies, hummingbirds are so active. Mostly swallowtail bf, but yesterday, I saw a female Monarch. The milkweed is waiting for her.


Here is a link that might be useful: my

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I used to have one over 5-6 feet. I now have 2 dwarf forms - one is the little joe too and the other I cannot recall. Its not just the flowers that fascinates me but also the stems which are reddish against the green leaves.

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token28001(zone7b NC)

I must have the dwarf one too. It's barely 3' tall. Do you cut it back in the spring? Or do you just let it grow?

Saw my first Monarch this week at the store. It was working the coneflower table. Zebras and Swallowtails have been in the yard for a while now.

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I don't cut it back in the Spring, but I will clear away the dead stalks if I notice them. In all these years, I have never seen any seedlings; and this is the only wild Joe Pye I have.

I have a small one I bought three years ago, I believe it's called "Chocolate Joe Pye"? Has deep purple/bronze foliage and white blooms. This year it is about 2 - 2.5' tall and about that big around.

I saw three Monarchs just last evening down front, two of them battling it out, chasing and fluttering all around the redbud tree by the field. Probably one of the same in the courtyard garden this morning. How similar are the Viceroys? I was wondering if that is what I saw instead of Monarchs. For some reason I was thinking they have the same coloring but different markings?

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I adore Joe Pye Weed! I have 3 different varieties, and really look forward to adding a few more. I have "Gateway" planted in front of the porch and it is pushing 8' this year (its 2nd year) and is just now starting to bloom. Right next to it (in a bit more shade) I have 'Chocolate' Joe Pye Weed (which I think some people call White Snakeroot, which I agree with the above posters, has wonderful foliage, and gets about 3-4' tall. Last year, mine didn't really bloom until late August or September, I think. I also have 'Little Joe' along the side of the house, which has also just started blooming and gets maybe 5 1/2' - 6' tall. I really want to add more of the, as they are lovely even when not in bloom and are such architectural and dramatic plants.

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I added 'Chocolate' this year (white snakeroot) as it is eupatorium rugosum. The foliage is gorgeous, but mine aren't blooming yet.

The butterflies were having a party on my 'Little Joe' today. I told my husband that I need many more of these plants -- with the swamp milkweed, makes a great butterfly zone.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Great pictures! My Joe Pie Weeds are pink, I had never seen a white flowered one. I didn't know there was such a thing. One of mine is GATEWAY variety too and it is over 7 feet tall each year.

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I have tried growing it from seeds twice, but either the seeds were no good or it didn't like the location.
I grow its white cousin, Thoroughweed, and the purple Ironweed, another cousin. They look almost the same.
Reseed like crazy but easy to weed out in spring. They are certainly Butterfly magnets every summer.

Pretty pictures.


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Lovely Joe Pyes - hate to call them weeds! I've wanted one of those for years altho with our dry climate it might be difficult. Having seen these pics I may just have to get one.

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Took these just awhile ago, but my photography isn't nearly as good as others here. The Joe Pye was the hub of activity: three swallowtails and a monarch(?) were fussing over who would get the best flower head to feed on. Then there were two monarchs fighting - pretty roughly too. A sulfur was quietly minding his/her own business, and then a hummingbird moth flew in.

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Is there a Joe Pye that is short lived? I'm looking to get more Joe pyes this year, and couldn't remember if there was one that didn't last very long?

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I'm mostly familiar with the wild variety. However I did plant "Joe Pye Mala Hierba de Chocolate" in 2008 and it still returns every summer. The tag says it reaches 3 - 4' and 3' wide but mine stays pretty much at 2' and doesn't get very bushy. Could be because of where it's planted receiving direct sun only in the afternoon.

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