Where Are The Older Postings?

bronxfigsAugust 12, 2012

I joined this forum in 2007. This forum had already been established, and many pages of postings were already saved in the files.

I just tried to read some of the original postings from years ago, and now find that the postings only go back to 2010. Where are the older postings that started before 2010? Are they in another area...or, have they be purged, deleted...how do I get to them?

Just asking.


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From what I have seen, the older postings are purged after inactivity for a period of time. It might be two years. To look at the older postings, use the Way Back Machine. See the link that I posted. At the top of the Way Back page you will see a tiny bar graph. Each bar represents a time when a "snapshot" of the forum was taken. You can go to that date and then search for postings. I did this years ago when I was doing some research. It was very helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Way Back Machine - GWFF

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Thank-you for the response and for the directions that will help one to find older postings.

Much appreciated.


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