yew hicksii resprout?

kathy_36(z4/5 Nebr)November 29, 2009

I want to cut this down or kill it. My question is, will it resprout and keep growing if I cut it down. Has anyone done this?

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bluespruce53(Dorset UK)

Yes, yews will generally re sprout from the base after being cut down.

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kathy_36(z4/5 Nebr)

Thanks for responding, I was afraid of that. What if I cut it half way down and try to reshape it...would that work?
It's grown too tall and I do not want to get up on a ladder to trim it every year.


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bluespruce53(Dorset UK)

Kathy, yes you can do that, cut it back as hard as you like, probably the better option in the long run

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Yes, in the USA midwest you can cut Yews down to just bare old wood and they will usually remarkable fill back out in a couple years.

But if you cut it down to ground level, I would not think it would be hard to control even when it tries to grow again. Take a minute couple times next year to cut any new growth, eventually the roots will run out of energy.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

is this an overgrown foundation shrub.. planted 40 years ago .. and in a prime location in the front of your house ... ????

if this is way out in the back somewhere.. a renovation project would be very interesting..

if you are going to try to do this.. at the prime focal point in front.. near your entry way ... well .. i am of the opinion you would be better off starting over.. with something that will actually fit the space provided... and be a compliment to the front of your house ...

there is usually a big gap between what CAN be done.. versus what SHOULD be done ...

do you follow my logic.. or should i try again????

let me put it this way ... its going to be ugly for a few years ... is it in a place where you want ugly???


PS: put another way... its nice to have uncle homer sitting in the back yard swilling beer .... you really might not want him out on the front sidewalk impressing visitors ... lol ...

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kathy_36(z4/5 Nebr)

Thanks everyone. It's 12 years old, in front of the house,at the corners. I wanted to keep it under the eaves of the house but it looks like they are going to grow higher. I planted it and I did research it, thought it would grow 15 ft. tall which would be ok. I do like the dark green, especially in winter. Well I have all winter to think about it. Thanks again.

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