When do I start watering and fertilizing my clivia?

SteppyFebruary 15, 2013

I have this stubborn clivia I grew from a tiny, abused little slip, that has never bloomed in over 10 years. Yes, it is large enough. Yes, it is root bound. The first few years were my fault. I did not know it could be left outside in the cold and shouldn't be watered, however, now I've been doing it right for two years and still no blooms. Year before last I blamed it on too much winter rain. Last year because it had to be moved from zone 8b to zone 10a in January and suffered from shock. Well, it's been here in the same place for an entire year now, no water other than rainwater and no fertilizer since summer. I'm determined to see this thing bloom, or I swear, it's gone. No more excuses. It has 5 heads now, three that SHOULD be blooming. I'm sick of making excuses for it.

So when do I start watering and what is the best fertilizer and the best fertilization schedule? I appreciate your help.

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I have mine in the ground, the one that gets morning sun has bloomed, the one in the shade has not. You are right, they don't like to be too wet. The fertilizer recommended to me was water soluble 20-20-20, mixed at half strength, used once a month. They are supposed to have a dormancy period for about 12-14 weeks, during that period don't over water or fertilize. The dormancy period is after blooming, mine bloomed in October. The huge Florida grasshoppers love them, one of mine got quite a haircut. I have both the orange and yellow, yellow has yet to show it's stuff.

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Mine has never bloomed and its in a pot in the shade. Thanks for the info, but I still need to know WHEN to start fertilizing it.

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Fertilize during the active growth cycle, dormancy is usually between October and January. Also to bloom, they need a period of cooler weather during the dormancy period, below 50 degrees, at least 5 weeks. I don't know if you have a cooler area you can place it?

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