florea fig -pictures

marius67(6)August 16, 2010

="Photobucket"> flore fig in pot and my "baby figs"

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Nice but you never pinched it to get it to lignify the wood.
You still can do it now.

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organic_aer1(NJ 6)

You are talking about the wood at the lower several inches of the tree near the pot?
That wood looks green on nearly all the pots in the picture.
It would appear to me that these trees have been forced to grow rapidly.
Would you do a pinching on all new growth?

Thank you for your time and advice.

Al Z6 NJ

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I would live no more than 30 inches,and remove all extra.then from now on,I will pinch the tips,continually till Winter come so the fig end up at 30 inches for this year.
This way it send back some energy to the roots and in turn,feed the wood to make it cold hardy and strong.
I would do it this way if I was living in OHIO.

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If you lived in Southern California or Southwest Texas with milder winter, would you still pinch the same way (but closer to winter).

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