genecolin(Zone 9, LA)August 8, 2010

This tree was purchased 1 year ago from Almost Eden. It's been a real grower and It won't be long before I get to taste one. It will be the second one on the tree because something stole the first. The one on the left needs about 2 more days. I included a quarter to show the very large size of the fig. I've also started an air layer on the bottom sprout.

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The Conadria fig was bred by the famous Ira Condit of California.
The name CON/ADRIA stands for his name and one ADRIAtic
mama parent fig it came from.
UCD has two versions:
DFIC005, which I have and am pleased with it; and
DFIC050, which I know nothing about...

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I have a conadria that gave me figs 2 years ago but zero last year. I was very close to getting rid of it this year but this year the 4 ft tree is packed with figs. I guess it likes the heat.

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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

I post this here for those that don't view or post on both forums.

Today I picked the 2 figs in the first picture in the thread. The first one I got no pictures of but I did share it with fellow enthusiasts Dan Abadie and Jeff LeCompte. The second one I took pictures of and shared with my wife. I found the fig good and figgy and not overly sweet. It also had a lot of crunch but the crunch added no flavor. It was not as juicy as I like but I maybe could have stayed on the tree a day longer. It rained hard this afternoon, so rather than risk a soggy fig I picked it perhaps a little early. This tree is 1 1/2 years old, it's first bearing year.

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I just received my conadria fig in a 4" pot from Edible landscapes. I need to know how to prepare the soil to plant it and should i plant it now or should i wait? It is a nice thick stem about a foot tall and a nice leafy shoot also about a foot tall.
My soil is sandy but it sort of packs hard when it dries after its been wet.

Thank you guys

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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

It's kinda hard to say by not knowing where exactly you are. I know if you are in the drought stricken south or rain washed northern and eastern part of the country I'd move it up to a 1 gallon pot for the rest of the year as I did with mine. Protect it this winter and move it to a 3 gallon pot right before bud break or into the ground. I grew mine in a pot because I thought I was going to move. I put it in the ground this past fall and it's growing like mad. If your weather is not to any extreme you could plant it in the ground and put some protection around it to keep anyone or anything from accidentally damaging it. Good luck and I hope it does as well as mine.

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Thank you for the input i am in Sour Lake TX app 15 miles from Beaumont going towards Houston. We are in the middle of a drought but we water regularly. Sandy/clay soil that packs down like cement.
We lost our enormous sugar fig tree last year and in its place 3 are growing out lol what a loss right?
Anyway i wanted to get a diff variety of fig to add to the other 3.

how do i prepare the ground to put it in just open a hole and plant it? or should i fill it with miracle grow dirt? fertilize with organic fertilizer? i hoooonestly do not know.

BTW I lived in New Orleans years ago (I still had a waist line then ROFL) by Magazine street in a lovely little neighborhood it was hotter than fire crackers but it was fun and very quiet. Loved riding the street cars and doing the laundry in the french quarter so i could go for beignets and coffee while the clothes dried. MMMM what a reward!

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Congratulations Gene, another fig as a keeper. I am sure you will eventually fine tune the timing in picking Conadria that will make it more yummielicious. It happened to my brother and he had it wrapped in newspaper to deter birds and somehow forgot until it dropped into the paper pouch. Walla, he describe it as so delicious. Also about 2 plus years I met Richard Watts and he told me this is the most reliable variant for him year after year & bountiful. He showed me his tree & it was well laden with figs. There is a pic in Jon's Encanto variety page on RW tree laden with Conadria figs.

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