Brown Turkey vs Celeste

Tony3August 27, 2012

I bought two trees from Miller nurseries. One is labeled Celeste and one is labeled as English Brown Turkey, the leaves and fruit look almost identical. Other than the label what should I look for to positively ID these two varieties.

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Celeste is a small fig but is the sweetest of the fig family. It has a number of nicknames, a common one is "honey fig". An important different is the Celeste has a "closed" eye, protecting it from insect spoiling. The Brown Turkey is a large fig with an "open" eye and not as sweet. I believe the Brown Turkey is more popular fig than the Celeste.
Both have a similar skin coloring.
Both are cold resistance...but I can testify that the Celeste will burn if not protected from the cold, even in South Texas where winters are typically mild.
As far as physical differences of the trees, I am not sure.
The Celeste leaf is very large with 5 long fingers (see photo)

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Celeste Fig leaf photo

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My 'Celeste'. Isn't large Brown Turkey actually California, or Thompson's Improved Brown Turkey,or San Piero. I'm referring to English/Eastern Brown Turkey.

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