My little Italian Fig Tree

nelson20vtAugust 6, 2009

Ok so here is the only fig tree I have pics of got it from Canadian Tire lol I know. Labelled Italian Fig no idea what type though.

This is the label just says Italian Fig Product of Canada.

I have only had it a month and it seems to be growin quite nicely in my Condo.

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It's going to need a much bigger pot - I read they do well in 15-inch pots, larger wouldn't hurt. Every 3 years you need to prune the roots to keep them healthy. If you can give it full sun, you should get some figs!

"Italian Fig" doesn't tell you much - there are White Italian and Black Italian figs, guess you'll find out what you've got when they ripen. Good luck!

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Ya Im going to change the pot next season,I just changed the soil about 2 weeks ago and its been growing like a weed it was in spaghum Peat Moss when I Bought it.

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Hi Nelson I to got one of those Italian fig plants

and it just sprouted the first fig

The lable says that under Ideal conditions it may fruit

I dont think I will be able to tell what kind of fig it will be there is no time for it to ripen

good luck with yours

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Thanks marjo I doubt mine will fruit this year but its great to know someone else has one like mine. Do you have any pics?

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my Italian fig was purple, might be even darker but mine was ripening in January under fluorescent lights which do not give exact colour reflection. i got it from Humber Nurseries.

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Thats funny you say that Dusan because when I was at humber Nurseries about 3 weeks ago they had about 10 fig trees there and only 2 of them were labeled all the others ones had no labels on them and most of them had completely different shape & Size leaves so I was like Ahhhhh No Thank You. I guess I have to wait until it gets some figs on it to compare oh well either way for 11.99 im not complaining.

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i noticed humber nurseries is getting sloppy lately about figs. many of them are left overs from last year and they lost labels.

Nelson, be careful not to accumulate to many fig trees because winter is comming and where will you hide them from the bitter winter. if you think you have some more space I will give you some more trees.

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Oh god im addicted I tell you, I better take it easy for now but thank you for the offer.

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Turns out my little Italian tree is from Colosanti Farms after all they told me they have two varieties white & Dark but have no Idea what the variety is.

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I just picked up a couple of these Italian figs from Humber Nurseries. They are pretty small plants so I will have to wait till next year to see how they do.

Nelson, Marjo & Radovan:
How did yours do this year? Did you get any figs and what type were they, white or purple?

These are my first figs so I have a question on winter care, do they have to be overwintered such as in a cold room or could they just stay in my heated family room which remains above 18C/65F & continue to grow? I am worried about killing them by overwintering under the wrong conditions.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


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Hi Robert I have 3 Italian figs from Colasanti Farms wich all have different leaves. This particular plant I posted pics of last year is now dead But I managed to get a new one like it. I too bought 2 plants from Humber Nurseries earlier this year both turned out to be the dark fig wich is already producing figs as we speak. Rober Ideally you want to keep it in a cold room somewhere around 0 degrees celcius if possible for the plant to go dormant over the winter.

Here is my Dark Colasanti

Here is my other Colasanti Italian fig with Brunswick shapped leaves. This should be a white fig

and My third Colasanti farms Italian Fig.

Different leaves than the above 2

Robert out of the pics I Just posted wich one has leaves like your plants. When I was at humber nurseries it seems they only had the dark type for sale, But I could be wrong.

The 2nd & 3rd Plant I bought at Plant world on Eglinton.

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Thanks for the info on overwintering. I am just hesitant about storing them in my coldroom as it can get very cold in the winter. It is the only place I have that gets to freezing but just way below.

I think you are right that Humber Nurseries only had the dark variety. Both my plants are similiar to your Dark Colasanti - not 100% certain so I have posted pics of them.
First plant:

Second plant:

What's your opinion - both are dark? Tks.


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Hey Robert, Plant #1 is the same as and my #3 plant, it is supposedly a large white fig I was recently contacted by a forum member who has the same plant and hes confirmed it as a large round white fig.

#2 plant is definately the dark fig, leaves will vary a little and will be allot larger as well as the plant gets a little bigger but thats definately the Dark fig and a very nice tasting fig. Dark fig has dull dark green leaves, the white fig has lighter green leaves that usually look glossy.

Hey Robert check out this link, the last picture on that thread is what your #1 plant will look like in leaf form and thats the figs it produces.

Take Care

Here is a link that might be useful: Colasanti Italian Fig

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Hi Nelson:

That's actually great that I have both a dark and white fig. Hope they survive over the winter and I will followup on this thread when they produce.

Once again Thanks for your help.


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No Problem Robert.

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Hello to all fig enthusiasts,

I am a newbie here and am very much interested in growing fig trees in pots. However, I do not know where I can buy fig cuttings/small trees here in Toronto.

I would like to ask if someone in this forum is kind enough and willing to provide me a free fig cutting that I can use to start with my fig adventure. :-)

Also, can you buy fig trees from Canadian Tire, Walmart, etc.? If so, when is the best time to buy one that is not so expensive?

Thank you very much and hope someone in this forum can help me out.



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Hi, yapt51:

Here is some websites for you:
The writer of this website is a garden writer and he has
about 30 types of fig in his garden. Last year he said he
charged $10.00 for 1 fig cutting. He lives in Toronto.

Another website but the place is in Quebec:

Besides the fig plants, you need to pay for shipping also when ordering from this company.
I've ordered 4 fig plants from them so I will be waiting
for the shipment in Spring. So far, I like their service
as they are prompt in answering any inquiries.

Another website for fig plants (prices are higher)

Finally, 1 last website for you to see:

He is a collector of fig trees, good luck if you can get
a hold of him!

If you happen to have Italian or Greek friends, ask them
if they can help you to find a fig cutting. Maybe visit their
community centres and ask! I know Italian people loves fig so much they winterize their fig trees by burying the trees in winter. It is such a big effort!

Give the person a nice gift such as a box of chocolate or some money when he gives you that fig cutting!

Tell me about your proceedings of the fig adventure after
what I've told you, will ya?

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Hi, fignewbies,

Thank you very much for the valuable information you shared. I will try to contact Steven Biggs since he is already here in Toronto and perhaps buy a $10 fig cutting from him first.

By the way, since this will be my very first fig plant/tree, when is the best time to plant fig? Also, which variety of fig is best for small to medium-sized container/pot planting both indoor and outdoor? I am contemplating on Lattarula/Italian Honey fig after doing a Google search...Do you think its a good idea to plant Lattarula in pots both indoors and outdoors? The reason I want to grow fig in pots is that I can easily bring the plant indoors esp. during winter. Please advice.

Thanks again.

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Hi, yapt51:

I moved my almost 4' fig tree to the garden last September so I am new in growing fig outdoor.
This little fig tree was indoor for several years before I had it planted in the ground. The fig root system was big, it filled the pot it was in. It was heavy to move!

I hope you will have someone to help you to move your fig tree as fig grows a huge root system.

Since Steven Biggs is an expert of fig growing, (He has written a book on how to grow fig, see
You can ask him all your fig questions.

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