Thursday Blooms

organic_kitten(8)June 7, 2012

Several Re-bloomers today...I discovered four more with rebloom scapes, so I am up to 50.

Water Drops: First REbloom:

might as well continue in this vein, Winner's Trophy:

Ledgewood's Firecracker:

and Cosmic Kaleidescope:

How about a Trahlyta Group:

Lily Dache is another good bloomer:

No re-bloom scapes on Man of Sorrows, but I keep hoping:

Filled to Overflowing with a friend:

F. Spellbinder is one of the blooms that changes but is always lovely:

Call me Pretty is a pretty one:

okay, El Deperado is acting out as usual - what can you say about such:

Even better up close:

and Carolina Sugar Daddy trio:

I'm well past peak, but still a lot of bloom:


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mizellie(z7 Al)

Kay, they all look very good. It amazies me that the old Trahlyta always looks so beautiful. She's my pick..Ellie

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shive(6b TN)

I think El Desperado is plotting to take over your entire garden. LOL! I love the first two rebloomers and Man of Sorrows. Fifty with rebloom coming is terrific! I'm up to 35 with rebloom scapes, which is surprising considering the lack of rain.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

OH gosh, I just LOVE that garden shot! I see your HOT LIPS Salvias blooming em mass back there. Looks so good. My little plant just had it's first bloom. But the daylilies all look just so good. Love them all. My favorite today is Cosmic Kaleidescope, what a lovely and unusual bloom.

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

El Desperado is amazing. Gotta love it. Ledgewood's Firecracker is my favorite today.

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Nancy zone 6

Not even going to try to pick a favorite from these, every one is a winner. I'm so envious of Trahlyta. I got one in trade 5 years ago. Puny little plant, looked more like a proliferation. It has been very slow to grow, but has gotten a little bigger every year. I moved it, was sure it would bloom this year. Decent size now, but not one single bloom.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

MAN OF SORROWS is gorgeous.LOVE THat one. and EL DESPERATO is gorgeous/ Guess I am going to have to dig mine beck up and put it ina pot to get it to grow and bloom again.dont have a scape yet.I have a custard candy and buttered popcorn bloomed gresat for 2 years, and nothing for the last 2 years... allmy potted ones do great.


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Trahlyta is doing pretty well...first time ever she has put up more than a couple blooms at the time, Ellie.

It looks that way, funny. Usually when one really outdoes itself blooming, it slows waaaaaay done a year or so later. We'll see. Debra, I found two more with re-bloom scpapes this afternoon; Eyes on the Prize and Etosha. At this rate there will be more than last year's 59 re-bloomers. Right now I can think of eight that are reblooming and I sure there are others. Crazy year.

Hi Rita, yes and you can see the blue of the black and blue salvia about a foot taller behind it. I do love the bloom on Cosmic Kaleidescope. It has two prolifs on it that I will try to root when they are a little further along.

Thanks Nancy. My Trahlyta was very slow to develop.

Well Jean, you have a lot of beautiful daylilies blooming, so they must do fine in pots for you. I hate to see Man of Sorrows finish blooming.

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Julia NY(6)

I love the garden pics you post. So colorful even now when you say your past peak bloom.

I'm amazed at the number of blooms on EL DESPERADO. Mark had a special on COSMIC KALEIDESCOPE but I decided to hold off this year. Sure has an interesting pattern.


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deangreen(7b OK)

water drops. wow! and that El D looks really great so many blooms. :)

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El Desperado looks amazing! Sea of blooms :)
I love your garden shots too. What's the pink one on the left, a lot of blooms too.
Is Man of Sorrows listed as rebloomer? It's such a pretty color.

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