shear_stupidity(9B)February 21, 2013

I just spent the past few hours doing yard work. The signs of Spring are all here! I took pics to share my joy!

Let's see what's happening in YOUR yardens right now!!

The Nasturtium seeds that I'd forgotten I'd planted have sprouted. I almost snatched their little heads off because at first glance, I thought it was more dollar weed!

The Amaryllis are about to bloom for their first time in MY yard. (I got the bulbs from a lady down the street who was throwing them out)

Volunteer Money Plants! (Wish they grew real money. LOL!)

The Liatris is emerging! Yay!

A volunteer Geranium and a Hyacinth competing for space.

Now what's eating my Begonia?

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Very NICE Shear!! But I don't think the colder weather is quite done :o(...at least not for some of us...

Check out this forecast for me for next week...Source (weatherunderground). Not too bad as long as it doesn't go much lower like last week!

Thursday, 28
Partly Cloudy
68 : 41 ðF
Partly Cloudy

Friday, 1
66 : 46 ðF

Saturday, 2
Partly Cloudy
64 : 43 ðF

Sunday, 3
Partly Cloudy
63 : 41 ðF

And for people that live North of me like Inverness...below is for Inverness (Source Accuweather.com Extended forecast).

Feb 27
Partly sunny and nice 67ðLo 42ð
Feb 28
Brilliant sunshine 65ðLo 40ð
Mar 1
Times of sun and clouds 64ðLo 35ð
Mar 2
A blend of sun and clouds 64ðLo 35ð
Mar 3
Mostly cloudy, a few showers 62ðLo 34ð

Those few nights of mid 30's is a little too close for comfort lol...I hope its not to be...

Its still a little over a week away so things can change several times over before it actually gets here...guess its a reminder its still a possibility and we're not not of the woods quite yet...

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Come on! Where's your sense of adventure? LOL! I went and bought ANOTHER fortune's-worth of plants today and will be putting them in the ground this weekend.
I will confess to having quite a few little micro-climates in my front and back yard, though. With canopy trees, my tall house, the neighbor's smaller and mid-sized trees, their house, the waterfall behemoth, privacy fences, iron gates with vines on them, berms of ferns, a row of huge Arborvitae... and that's just the BACK yard!... my stuff stays pretty well protected without any assistance from me.
See, not only could I never store enough sheets, blankets, tarps, christmas lights, etc to cover all the plants I have, but I wouldn't know how to make it stay put and not blow away. And how do you cover something that's too big and fat for king-sized sheets or blankets? Pin them together? Overlap?
And one more thing... those two freezing nights we just had... I was up and out of the house both mornings when it was flipping COLD out there still. And not one of my neighbors had covered anything, either. Wait. Let me take that back. One lady has, for some reason, landscaped her entire front yard with these mammoth geraniums. Those were covered one of the two nights. Are we all crazy? (I can hear the quiet chorus of "yesses." LOL!)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Lol...I DO have some sense of adventure left believe it or not. To be fair you guys in Titusville have always been slightly warmer than me during these cold snaps :o(...even though you are a few hours north of me. Can't win them all.

I'll keep the positive thoughts and hope for the best, but in all fairness "if" Inverness is in the mid 30's I should be just fine...I'm always several degrees warmer than they are. So keeping that in mind...I'm sure we'll be fine!!

The only plants I cover during freezes (temps below 30 or 31 degrees) are my Mango (trees) and Lychee tree...the rest of them if I can't bring them inside are on their own,lol...

Shear...Plant away!! I'm sure you will be okay...

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I'm in total agreement with "they're on their own."
Won't it be fun when we're all in the clear and can really get going?!?!

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How am I a few hours north of you, but still in the same zone? Are you inland or west coast or something?
Sending you warm vibes for whatever it is you're planning for this new growing season!
Unless you want cool vibes... cuz I can send those too!

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