DC/Baltimore/NY dead figs -- how to prune new shoots?

elisa_z5August 5, 2014

I've searched around to see if there are answers to this question yet but mostly found threads where people were asking what to do with dead figs that are now growing new shoots from the base. And most threads were from earlier in the summer -- apologies if the answers have already been discussed and I just didn't find them.

So, we have a fig that was big, and now is a mass of dead branches and long new shoots. I think I see from other posts that I should definitely cut the old branches back (as short as possible? leave a foot or two?)

How should the new sprouts be handled? Leave them all? Cut back all but a few? Some are tall -- 7 feet -- and some are shorter and growing laterally along the ground.

Also, this fig was always very healthy, but now has white powdery something on the leaves. Anything to be done about this, or just leave it? Leaves are still green.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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Inground you can keep 4 or 5 of the healthiest branches, dead branches cut as low as possible. several of the ones growing laterally
on ground can be buried up to last node to insure plants survival
just in case with un predictable winters many have been experiencing.

Our Winter near Chicago was brutal last season .


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Thanks very much for the information, Martin!
Will do.

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