When to pick figs

ritscat50August 16, 2010

Good morning all!

I have container grown Brown Turkey and a Texas King that just started the ripening process (the smaller, hard, and dark green figs are not swelling up and turning light yellow).

A few questions:

Based on everyoneÂs experience  once a fig starts to swell; how long (range) till it is ready to be picked?

Does anyone have a fool proof way of knowing when a fig is ripe enough to pick?

Thanks in advance, everyone!

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THIS IS FLOREA FIG IN GROUND,at 4 months old,from a 5 inches cutting...now,at 8 feet tall !

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

When it gets soft like a marshmallow. some varieties will show cracks in the skin. others will show a drop of honey on its eye. Soon enough you will now when the figs will be ripe once you pick one that it isn't ripe. The riper the sweeter usually, but some varieties rot when they're overly ripe.
Desert King is a breba only variety, if it's growing figs on new growth those will eventually fall off since the main crop require a pollination for this variety.
Brown Turkey, is not the best tasting fig. Don't get discouraged if that's your first time tasting figs. Try growing Hardy Chicago or choose from several others that have been successfully grown in your climate.


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Thank you! I made a mistake, it was a Peter's Honey Fig - I picked it last night and my wife and I enjoyed our first fig over a glass of wine! Thanks for the advice, Bass!

The Brown Turkey has about 12 figs that appear to be in the ripening stage!

The four figs that I am currently growing: Brown Turkey, Texas King, Peters Honey and a Black Triana Fig.


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This is a picture of a few brown turkey figs (taken yesterday 8/18/2010)...

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