Hardy Chicago

dieselerAugust 7, 2010

Here is my Hardy Chicago,

this fig i noticed this morning just starting.



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I just ordered one tree of this kind of Fig. I will be having 5 varieties . Even it can stand Freeze I will still take in in winter. I already dug the pot i the ground for it.

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I received the tree today from Hirt's Garden. It is so little I laughed my Guts off. No wonder it is only $10. But at least it is not bare foot. It has leaves and it appears happy. I am still struggling with $50 a tree I received bare foot from Willis Orchard. Not even one leave after two full weeks. Another two I bought from the same Orchard are doing fine because thanks to this board I was told plant it in Pots and keep in shaded area. I will wait for another week to see progress on the first two before I demand replacement or refund.I am sure they will replace it but my time, my aggravation, my hopes evaporated because an Orchard employee does not know what is he doing.

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Hi Foolishpleasure
i have paid 50.00 and over for fig plants that i wanted to obtain but not bare foot (bare root) as some say.
Hopefully your plants will respond.

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