Just transferred 2 air layered branches into pots. Questions

frankcbdAugust 7, 2012

I successfully air layered two branches. Lots of roots. I removed them from the Brown Turkey fig tree and placed in pots. Watered, covered with clear plastic and placed in the shade outside. From what I understand, I must slowly expose the plant to more wind and sun over the next two weeks. So let's fast forward to winter time. I'm assuming I allow it to go dormant, then I can place it in the garage until spring. At that point, I can plant outside? Does this sound like a good plan? Any advice? Thanks!!

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This is exactly how I do it. You are on the right track my friend. You've got plenty of time for further root growth before the dormant season. They'll do fine.

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Thank you for the reassurance! Take care!

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