Chillin' with my daylilies on Thursday

shive(6b TN)June 7, 2012

Another cool morning with a sinus headache, poor flower openings, and thrip damaged blooms. And then I saw this one's first flower: purple, toothy and a perfectly flat 7+ inches. This is a seedling by Judy Davisson that may be a future intro. When she divided it for lining out last year, she sold a division on the Lily Auction. It's supposed to have lots of white teeth when temps heat back up!!!

Davisson seedling Jerry Nettles X No Boys Allowed

LAST SNOWFLAKE with its 2nd bloom. It seems so weird for lates to start blooming when my daylilies are usually just beginning.

AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' - There is an up side to the cool temps. The colors are darker and richer. I've never seen this one with rose pink petals before. They're usually a dark peachy pink.

BOOK OF KELLS - I originally bought this one 7 years ago because of the starburst eye pattern. This is the first time I've ever seen it. Guess it needs cool temps to form.

DUCK'S DARK SIDE takes on a whole new look after a chilly night. Instead of a silvery white bubbly edge, it has a wider flat white border.

CERULEAN WARBLER had deeper, brighter blues today.

RUBY LIPSTICK duo - The eye is more of a raspberry red in cool temps, instead of the true red I get in the heat.

GILDED BY GRACE has more a blue purple eye and edge in cool temps. It looked red purple last week. Did I mention how much I love the roundness of this guy?

Seedling Redefined Design X Blue Eyed Bandit had a marvelous pattern in the eye zone, caused by cool nights.

Here's my seedling's papa, BLUE EYED BANDIT


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Pretty, pretty, pretty. You know I just love RUBY LIPSTICK. Love it no matter which shade of red the eye is. I love GILDED BY GRACE too. What a beautiful flower. I just love the gold rope edging it has.

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Beautiful! Cool temps do make a difference, not all bad.

I love Ruby Lipstick, always. Ain't Misbehaving and Cerulean Warbler are always winners. Your seedling with all of that blue? Eiter it or it's daddy is my pick..tie.

Well, my bloom season started before yours, so reblooms also started earlier. Several of mine that rebloomed before have yet to put up rebloom scapes, but I have a lot that are reblooming for the first time. I think the rain we are getting is helping. We are supposed to hae rain again this next week. If so, I'll gladly take it since we are down quite a few inches for the year.

Your photographs are gorgeous as always, not just your blooms.

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

My favorites are Cerulean Warbler and Gilded by Grace, but I do love the blue patterned eye on your seedling and also kept going back to look at Duck's Dark side.

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shive(6b TN)

Rita - The gold rope edge on Gilded by Grace does make it a showy bloom.

Kay - Thanks for the compliment on the photography!

Val - Cerulean Warbler is a pretty one. I just wish it were a more consistent performer here. I only get blooms on it every other year.


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Goodness Debra, just one stunning bloom after another. I surely enjoy your photos a great deal.

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I really like Duck's Dark Side contrasting edge. The entire bloom is elegant.

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I love the first seedling. The color and the edge are really nice. Last Snowflake is a real beauty, I just love the huge green throat! I always enjoy looking at Ruby Lipstick. Marg

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Nancy zone 6

Ruby Lipstick is gorgeous, I do love the color. Duck's Dark Side is really appealing too, today, I like that edge. Beautiful colors on Ain't misbehavin, at least the cooler temps work well for some. I took early morning pictures, but a lot weren't open well yet, & I didn't make it back out to get them later in the day.

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It's curious that you got better colors with a cool night/morning. We have a lot of cool nights here, and the cooler the night (and morning), the worse the colors are, imo.

But then again, we also have low humidity, and that seems to factor into the color equation too. On those rare days during the bloom season where the humidity is higher, the colors are mind-bogglingly beautiful.

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Julia NY(6)

Lovely pics Debra. I like DUCK'S DARK SIDE. Something about the color is so different. Is it a very dark burgundy leaning towards brown tones?


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shive(6b TN)

Julia - Duck's Dark Side is registered as a black purple. But to my eye it looks more like a black red in any kind of weather. With the cool night temps, you are right about the color. On that day it was a black burgundy with some brown tones.


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Stunning photos of some gorgeous Dl's I'll take one of each all are stunning.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Ooh La La! How stunning & photogenic all these are! You have some major beauties in this bunch for sure and I just love them all. Wow! Picking a favorite was tough and I had to look again & again to decide. I still am smitten with Duck's Dark Side since it is such a dramatic flower so that one is Numero Uno. Someday I hope I can get that one. I am enjoying all your photographs so much.


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Ohhh, beauties! The first one is stunning, always love the Snowflake. Duck's Dark Side is wow so dark. Ruby Lipstick's a beauty, and Gilded By Grace too! I hope my one bud left will open nicely ;)
And thanks for writing the comments about them, very interesting. I was actually thinking patterns are affected by cool night, I have only one kinda patterned and it was at its best on the hottest days.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I am not even going o try to pick a favorite one,as I like them allThey are all gorgeous.


    Bookmark   June 8, 2012 at 10:56PM
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