is this genetic or environmental

deluxemoonpie(7b)June 9, 2014

Ok this is a seedling, I planted the seed last year, and it bloomed this year (I always like that - a little bonus). The parentage is unknown for the pollen but the pod is from a boutique hybridizer that doesn't register... (I like to buy from smaller gardens when on vacation or working in a different state.... I buy whats blooming or what the person is most proud of) Anyway, this is the first bloom ever, I'm not too quick to judge it so soon.... for example its missing a sepal. I will give it a couple of years to see how it goes. But it has these little "warts" near the mid rib on on petal and one sepal. Is this caused environmentally or is that an odd genetic? I've never had blooms with these. Is it common? (breeding with quite a few from boutique gardens is tricky.... since many are unregistered I often don't have a good idea of lineage.)

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here's one pic

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2 of 2 pics

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the next bloom had the same "warts". I'm starting to think genetic.

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