All of My potted figs are in the ground today

mtddigs(NY 6a)August 6, 2012

Hello Its been a while since I have posted. Today I planted all of my potted fig trees into the ground . I had one tree that has been in the gound for two seasons. The first year it wintered I did all I could to wrap it and protect it , but it died back to the roots. It recovered nicely last year and wintered much better. I have eight potted fig trees all about three years old. They did better last year, in terms of fig production and the general look. I think they have outgrown the pots they are in . So I put them in the ground. My question is WINTER PROTECTION It seems the older the trees get , the more winter hardy . I am in zone 6a all of the trees are in full sun . I am thinking of making screen enclosure and filling them with leaves and then a plastic or tarp cover . I need some input , I dont want them to die back .

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i've seen hay being used as insulation for plants.

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I ave my dozen trees planted in big pots and I make holes in the pots and plant it in a raised bed in the garden. In winter I dig the pots out and take them inside the 3 car garage. Frankly this was a fun job when I had two trees but with dozen trees it became a daunting job.I have a roof over the raised bed and the house covering the west side, I am planning to make a home made green house nothing fancy by closing the north, south and east sides by by greenhouse fabric. The house provide some heat and may be I can provide some heat too. The temperature has to stay under 30 in order for the trees to stay dormant. I have another ambitious idea comes February I will raise the temperature to 45-50for the trees to start blooming in March and have little figs in April. This will extend my figy season by two months I will have no worry about ripening. Off course wife thinks I crazy but that is Ok she will change her mind when she dips her teeth in sweet figs as early as June.

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