Fig Identification needed

Rigo76443(7B)August 22, 2012

I found this fig tree at a local restaurant and what they said a chef who no longer works there brought the cutting from Italy when the restaurant opened years ago. Its now a big tree and about 5+ years now. The chef has long moved on to another city but they keep the tree going on their patio area but they do not seem to be using the figs . When i walked up to the tree the figs were on the ground going to waste. I was able to get 3 cuttings with some pictures.

please help identify this breed from Italy.

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2 of 4 pictures

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3 of 5 pictures of fig

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4 of 5 fig picture

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5 of 5 fig picture, did you see the figs on the ground going to waste. what a shame!

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what a shame to see them on the ground like that, Those figs look fantastic. Did you enjoy the taste or where they blah. chances are nobody will be able to give you a proper name since it came from Italy. many unknown figs made there way here from Italy and many fig trees are found at the back of Italian restaurants where this same story plays out time and time again. Italian's take there figs to heart and the proof is in the amount of different Italian varieties out there. Good luck on rooting your cuttings and I hope someone can help you with classifying it. If you can get anymore cuttings or even 1 I'd trade you for a few cuttings of unknown figs I have or some named cultivars.

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I can go get a few more cuttings in the next week, i will get you 3 cuttings then email you to get your address to send to you. if you can send me back 1 rooted cutting or 3 cuttings that would be great.

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the fig tasted good but it was on the dry side because it was over ripe. it was very sweet since it was starting to dry out. prob would make great dried figs.

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Looks interesting, Rigo. Problem with an accurate ID is that Italian fig pics like the ones on the attached link are caprified so they may look and taste very different. If you go to the link below, you will see a few close ones but not enough to make a good ID. Let me know if you can get a few extra cuttings and maybe we can work out a trade. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ficus carica dot com

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sounds great, I look forward to it.

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I'd be willing to trade with you too igo4fish. I also have a few seeds I just got today from a friend in Surrey. figs never come true from seed but just the fact they are from surrey and not cali or turkey where many people get Pollinized fig seeds from sparked my interest to plant a few. He gave me 50+ seeds so I'll be happy to give you both a few with the cuttings we trade if you want to give them a shot.

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