Pruned my hedge and saved $400

schoolhouse_gwJuly 26, 2013

Took me three days with a bow saw and some loppers, but I got it done. Just like the landscaping company did to the very tall privet hedge on down last February for $400. This piece of privet hedge borders the courtyard garden, I trimmed it 3 - 4' back from the road. Finished this morning.

Actually my trusty bow saw that I used for everything broke apart on the first day. :( The pieces disappeared into the heap of branch debris. So yesterday I went to the hardware and bought me a real pruning saw. Used it for the first time this morning and the work went SO much faster.

Now to get the stuff hauled away. As I cut I laid it down in a row right along side me on the side of the road (see photo). This part of my privet is the oldest, my Uncle having planted it probably in the 1950's- 60's(?). Altho it's always been able to take a beating (a snow plow leveled it one winter by throwing heavy snow on it), I'm hoping it rebounds one more time.

So that project is done.

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Holy moly!
Great job. I've had to rip out a few monster privets 2yrs ago. It's no easy task. We had to use a backhoe to get all the roots and it still tried to grow back from the few we missed. I'm sure yours will come back with a vengeance.
:) Laura

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Thanks Laura. I really don't want to shear off the top, but I wonder if I should at least this time. When the landscapers did the other stretch of tall privet I told them not to take any off the top. Well, the top growth is starting to arch just like it does on the other side (that creates the privet arch or tunnel). Those branches are so high up that I can not reach them probably even with a ladder, besides being a little dangerous to do so. I'm thinking I'm going to have to hire someone else to shear anything arching towards the road.

The row of hedge I pruned myself is shorter and I could reach the top with a ladder. Not sure I'm up to the challenge quite this soon after all the other work.

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It looks great, but take a break. You don't want to hurt yourself after saving the $400! Where did you get your pruning saw? Sounds like a great tool :)

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It's this saw, but I bought it at my local True Value Hardware store not Home Depot.

But guess what? The top nut and bolt fell out and was lost after about an hour of use! the second saw I'd broken. I continued to use it though and it worked fine. After I finished the job, I took it back to the hardware store and showed them what happened. Since they know me well, I didn't need to dig the receipt out of the garbage bag; and they are giving me a new saw next Friday. I had bought the last one so they had to reorder. I was going to have them just put another bolt in it, but hey, I was finished with my current project and I might as well get a new saw right?

I think the neighbors below me are going to haul the debris across to their property and burn it. I had called them last night but they must have gone camping so I left a message. I saw them drive past the house this afternoon with a trailer with 3 ATVs on it. They slowed down and were looking at all the branches piled up. Bet they use that trailer. I'll go out and help them whenever they come. Not today, it's been raining all day since early this morning.

Oh believe me when I was pruning the hedge I took a break whenever I felt tired or really hot. Went into the garden and sat down. Had a water bottle too. I'm surprised I didn't get injured - I usually do! a few scratches but at least I didn't stumble around and fall. lol The first day I worked from 11am. until 6pm.

Here is a link that might be useful: this pruning saw

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Now I'm even more impressed! You did all that with that little saw?
I used a chain saw. Wasn't easy with that either. Oh and 4 or 5 helpers lol.
:) Laura
You win!

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LOL I'm a winner! No, I only did the last couple yards with the new pruning saw and loppers. I used a bow saw and loppers on most of it. Both saws worked better on live branches than on dead growth.

Kept hearing a noise earlier this afternoon while watching TV, like a motor revving up. Finally I muted the TV and looked out the window and noticed some of the hedge trimmings gone. I ran out the front door and here the neighbors had picked up all those piles and put them on a trailer and were ready to leave. I scolded them and said "I was going to help you with that!" They just laughed and said it took no time at all. I couldn't thank them enough.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Great job, schoolhouse, and great neighbors.

I have a similar saw which I have used for years without the bolt loosening. Glad you are getting a new one which will hopefully hold up better.

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Thanks mnwsgal. Here it is after cleanup and mowing. See the other length of hedge further down? That was pruned back the same way in February of this year and look how it has greened up already. And I swear the piece I just pruned seems to have new growth coming out already too.

Oh and got my new saw yesterday. Used it to hack off the branches at the very beginning which I skipped the last time.

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