water staying on top of soil

ellie_1(ZONE 5)July 7, 2010

i have never had this problem... the water takes a while to soak in. With all the heat and no rain I am wondering just what is the problem. Any ideas as to what to do...

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The water doesn't soak in when the soil is very dry and the water can't penetrate. I get the same thing when its hot out and the soil is so dry. I water it and then water it again - the first round of watering will help the soil absorb more water (because it's not so dry) the next round.

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We're having the same problem here.. we just water a little at a time and often, giving each place a chance to soak in and then going over it again and adding more. That's easy to do when you have a small garden though... not so when it's large.


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Do you have clay soil? I water my garden every few days, but when it's hot, the first time the water is on the soil, it just pools on top. After a while, it will soak in, but it takes a bit for the soil to absorb the water.

I hope you all get a break from these high temperatures soon :)

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ellie_1(ZONE 5)

Thanks for your help, gardeners. I followed your advice about watering and then going back and watering again and that is just what happened. It is now soaking in... just another strange weather issue!

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the soil is compacted. Although the water is penetrating now, try to break it up and add some compost.

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