I need a few pointers / my first attempt at rooting a cutting

mtddigs(NY 6a)August 20, 2012

I was in NYC yesterday , in the lower Manhattan area of "Little Italy" with my wife having lunch , and I spotted a large fig tree in a small garden next to a church . It lots of fruit on it , many of the figs were ripe. I snapped off two small branches and brought them home and have attemped the plastic bag method of rooting. I prepared them by removing the leaves and one small fig. I have three pieces about 5-6 inches long , I soaked some newspaper and wrapped 2/3 of the cutting and in to a zip lock bag. They are in my garage on a shelf, its warm in there and there is indirect sun light. I think I am becoming obsessed with this whole fig collecting. enjoy the photo

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Did you take permission from Jesus to take the branches from his tree. Well I think he does not mind.

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mtddigs(NY 6a)

I was worried about that ........ I am hooked on my fig obsession ....... And I grew up in the New York area, I'm Italian American and remember them in the backyards of family and friends as a child . The fig trees in winter were also of interest , wrapped in tar paper , always topped with bucket .

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Hi foolish pleasure:

Your comment is too funny. But mtddigs has little to fear. If I recall correctly, the last time Jesus saw a fig tree, he killed it. So this tree is probably the property of Adam and Eve, unless I am mistaken. They just took some leaves and abandoned this tree. So who knows, but that those two cuttings might just be the start of a new Garden of Eden.

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Well I think Fig trees Grew in abundance in heaven that is why Adam and Eve used the leaves to cover Adam's jasper and Eve's kitty. Just remember if our idiot father held fast and did not eat the Apple all of us would be born in Heaven.

One observation I have very long healthy roots on the cuttings in a very short time when I used rooting hormone gel made by a company called clonex. Also they sell a little base with holes for rooting I have not tried that thing.

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I wish you good luck with your project. Just bear in mind that rooting fig cuttings is usually done in winter when the trees are dormant.


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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I can identify with being unprepared when discovering an unknown fig, glancing both ways, and stuffing ripped cuttings into my purse as quick as I could, then sticking them in a bottle of water in the car cup holder for a long drive home. At home, carefully removing leaves, wringing the very life out of soaked sphangum moss, and covering them in a plastic bag with a dry paper towel to absorb excess moisture, and letting them rest in the dark. I did this very thing two weeks ago, and the cuttings are very green with root initials beginning to show!

I would think the angels would bless yours for sure!


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I have had good rooting success by sticking semi-green cuttings in damp, coconut coir (bought in a pet-shop). I filled a large soda bottle with this coir...after I cut off the top part...and inserted the stems into the coir. I snipped off all baby figs, and all the leaves except the topmost two or, three smaller leaves. I then cut another soda bottle at the point where the top starts to taper, and placed that bottle over the new cutting, to make a "greenhouse". This will conserve moisture and hold humidity. I left my cuttings exposed to bright light, but no direct sun. My cuttings rooted within three-four weeks. You will be able to see roots growing into the coir. When I pot up these cuttings, I will scissor cut down the sides of the soda bottles, and plant the root-ball, intact, into a good growing medium, in a one-gallon pot.

You-Tube also has a video showing a very similar process. Look for a man named Ray Given, and fig-tree propagation/ green cuttings.

Good luck.


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mtddigs(NY 6a)

Thank you for the feed back . I have roots showing in the plastic cup of one of my cuttings , one looks like its still green but I'm not sure if it's going to push out roots . The third cutting looks green but not seeing any thing going on. If I get one plant to root I will be happy . So far so good

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