Grow Light ?

figeaterAugust 11, 2011

Has anyone ever had luck ripening their figs with a grow light indoors?

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Not me - never tried it and never will.
I would not dare even think about it.

Natural sunlight (and heat) make the figs taste good.
I would image that some expensive and very strong
artificial light will be needed to come even close.

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My 2 year old potted Col de Dam that had been growing outside until early November is just now ripening its figs under a low tech simple "grow light" set up. I'm not a fig connoisseur, but IMHO these are the best figs I've ever tried. I have the plant in a box along with a number of tropicals with a couple of 65 Watt CFL bulbs ($30) hanging over them. The temperature in the box is probably around 80F.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Fine gorgi, us indoor growers will be eating figs for 6 months or more before your sensational outdoor crop comes in. Then we'll have the same outdoor crop you do.

My figs picture taken today.

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