A/C Accident Froze Braided Ficus

hermitsoulAugust 23, 2012

Hi, I hope someone can advise me on this. I have a five-foot braided ficus that had had some neglect. I had just got it back to happiness at a sheltered east window in my office. The A/C vent is directly across from it (about ten feet away) and I usually kept a chair in front of the vent and a fan to move the air and keep the cold air from blowing directly on the tree. I also kept the A/C on the warm side anyway. The climate here is very hot and dry and the power bill shoots up if we try to keep it below about 75-80.

Two weeks ago someone here turned the A/C way down into the 60's over the weekend. I came in Monday morning to what felt like a refrigerator. That cold air had been blowing right on the ficus all weekend. I hadn't worried about the chair and fan as I left the building with the A/C at about 85. There are maybe five or six leaves still alive--everything else is dead. I've trimmed some of the twigs and see just a hint of a sort of sick green.

Can I save this tree? And if so, how? This poor ficus holds a lot of sentimental value for me.



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Hi Laurie, your tree did not actually freeze. It suffered from the vent because AC air is extremely dry and the change in conditions caused the leaves to transpire so much water that the roots could not keep up. I would make sure the root ball is well soaked and get the vent blocked if possible, it should begin to grow new leaves. We are mostly concerned with the edible fig in this forum. You might get better advice in the houseplant forum.

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Thank you very much! I'll do that.


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