Tiny harvest

wojtekAugust 28, 2010


I`d like to share some pics of my ripening figs from my English Brown Turkey (thanks Herman). These are breba. I think we have no chance for main crop ripening - unfortunately. But I`m happy of that I have. Fruits were soft, very juicy, sweet with a little dash of sour.



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Yes it is English Brown Turkey.
Of course it is not identical in fruit shape and color,because it grows different in Different climates,but it is the same fig.
That purple on the inside close to the skin,is not on mine,but i learned to understand that those changes are because of the climate soil etc,and it does not mean it is another cultivar.
The Breba on mine are better tasting than Main crop,unless the climate is very hot,and dry,in September and October.
Then,the Main crop is very excellent tasting too,because of good climate.
What Is important about this cultivar is that it can make edible fruits far away from ideal climate,and many other choice cultivars are totally non edible in such climates.

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Thank you for comments Herman. Our climate is really far from ideal. I think we miss 1-1,5 month of summer. But it is not up to us.

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Nice photos Wojtek, thanks for sharing your figs with us.
Under your conditions, you are doing an excellent job!

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