silver_rose(10 FL)February 27, 2014

I have NEVER seen so many of this nasty things. all over my pine trees and marching and muching toward adulthood. I've been stomping and swatting, waiting for a call back from the extension offiice and and crying out for some help.
anyone know what insecticide will do them in? My husband is out there right now with a gas match....there are THAT many!

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Some one said wasp spray will kill them when they are still small and black. Other wise not much hurts them. I have had problems with them for years. I am always at war with them. I try to kill as many as I see and make sure to get the adults later on, since they will mate and make next years babies.

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Funny, I was just thinking the other day how nice it is this time of year with no lubbers around.
In the past, I have effectively used wasp spray on the young ones. By the time they are half grown, it doesn't work anymore. I haven't seen any this year yet. Maybe it is time to start being on the lookout for the little ones and kill as many as possible while they are still bunched up.

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I do a rain dance on them when I see those globs of little black devils, otherwise they get big enough to hitch a ride to the grocery store on. After they hatch and disperse, keep an eye out on any kind of lily or ornamental grass you might have, they seem to like to hang out there the most.

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Wasp spray will kill them when they are juveniles. Past that point you have to squash them. Birds won't eat them because they have a poison sac in their necks. No known enemies other than man.

If you grow a lot of bromeliads, they will be the first place you'll see the babies. Seems they lay their eggs in the cup.

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I use a wet or dry shop vacuum, I put about 2 or 3 inches of soapy water inside the unit then go out and suck the buggers off from everything. It is great for finding a place where they are emerging out of the ground and just suck them up into the unit. It works great and you don't have to touch them or run around like a nut stomping heck out of them til you drop. If they are up in your trees you just add more stiff vacuum pipes to the end to reach them. Give it a try.... the idea really sucks.


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Sounds like a good idea Lou, but it wouldn't work for me, since my beds are mulched and it would suck up all the mulch. Plus I'd have to drag the vac all over my entire 1/2 acre.

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I have 10 acres, I put the gas generator and the shop vac in the bed of my Kubota RTV and go lubber hunting. YEEHAW!


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Lou, I knew you had a big piece of property, but it's not all mulched. Most of mine is mulched and it's expensive so I try to not loose any. So I'll have to stick with the stomp and squish method. :o)

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I was thinking the same thing the other day: that it's so nice to not have to chase down Lubbers this time of year. I haven't seen one yet, and I get them by the billions. I can guarantee to find them on my Crinums before my Bromeliads, but maybe that's just in my yard? I'm watching for them!

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