repot or not

fritzgarden(US z7 NY)August 31, 2012

ours are in 21" ID plastic pots.

They are root bound despite the fact that we appear to be getting a nice crop for harvest soon.

I was planning on a re-pot at the end of the season just before we stow them.

Is 21" big enough or should I try to get a 24 or 30".

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Do a search on this forum for re-potting and root pruning. There is a huge volume of information that will answer your questions. Re-potting, and root-pruning is generally done as trees begin to break dormancy in the Spring.

You really do not provide enough information to answer your questions with any accuracy. For example: ...How big is the plant?... multi-stem bush, or, 6-7ft tree?...etc, etc. Do you plan on pruning back branches when doing the re-pot? How will the plant be overwintered? If no major work is planned, you can replant into a larger container if roots are not too disturbed in the process.

You mention that the plant is root bound. That condition will limit the plant's growth in the coming season, and the roots can be trimmed back in the Spring-'13 and you could re-pot back into the same container, using new, quick-draining medium/soil mix. You could also replant the tree in a larger pot, but when the plant once again becomes root bound, you will have to contend with this growth-limiting condition again. After a while the pots will be too large to move.

Your best bet is to do the forum search for the information that you seek. You have many options.

Good luck.


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fritzgarden(US z7 NY)

hi Frank, thanks for getting back. I'll do some searching.

Currently it's A 4' tall tree, from the top of the pot it's in.
I will prune back on the repot and cut roots back.
I'd prefer to stay in the already impressive to move 21", so I guess I will.
It over winters wrapped up in the garage.

I do need to come up with a better soild mixture, I think. Done some reading here on that already.

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