My Black Jack

Tony3August 17, 2012

First fig from this tree this year.

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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)

Your Black Jack looks like a wonderful fig! Are there other Black Jacks? I have a Monrovia Black Jack I bought from my local nursery and its figs are the worst of anything I've ever had from my yard! I wish I could get my money back! Man I'd bet that fig was delicious, wasn't it

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Very tasty! I'm surprised you didn't like yours. Did the leaf and fruit look the same?

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Nurseries are operating unethical business and they don't give a dam about the consumer. They call their trees any sh*t they want they know that you will never find the truth until 2-3 years later and you will never go back to them after 2-3 years of purchase with the receipt got lost. I am suffering from that practice. NO CONSCIENCE AT ALL.

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