The Day's Picks Plus Strange Visitors

maximus7116(MI)June 28, 2012

First the daylily picks of the day:

ARCTIC LACE made me feel cooler just looking at it today:

THE GOLDILOCKS EFFECT, a nice polychrome addition to the garden:



PETTICOAT FRILLS (please ignore all the weeds):

ATLAS SHRUGGED had its FFO today. The white leaves in the background show you how bad the powdery mildew has affected the garden phlox is this year:

A nice mini bouquet of WISPY RAYS:

The only container I have that's thriving this year (probably because I got a self-watering window box):

My homely tomcat garden helper, Bosco:

And an imperial moth, the first one I've ever seen. My finger shows how big he was, and his head was enormous:

Hope you're all managing to stay cool in this sweltering heat -- Chris

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Wispy Rays, on your recommendation, is doing well here too. The moth certainly is color coordinated for your decor. Bosco looks like a big boy; look at those thighs. Am still waiting here for Atlas Shrugged to bloom (it's an early for you?).

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shive(6b TN)

Arctic Lace is so pretty, and it does have a cooling effect. I also like Atlas Shrugged. Is that an extra large bloom? Your container looks great! The self-watering system must be working for you. I've never seen a giant moth like that. Neat colors! I think you really captured Bosco's personality in that photo. Is he licking something off his lip, or does he just want a treat from you?


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

pretty blooms. I especially like ARTIC LACE AND PETTICOAT FRILLS.. love your window box. I use the self watering pots for some christmas cactus I have.I have them in a utility room that is windows down on e sideand I forget to water them,and ont is too big for me to move it very far anyway,and I put it back there for the winter,and left it there.BOSCO is looking a little rough, like hes been in a fight or hes not tolerating the heat very well. hes very pretty.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

OH, I had to sacroll down right away to see what the strange vistor was as I was so curious. I have never seen a moth that looks like that. But it is quite pretty.

Bosco looks like a very capable garden helper, like a tuff guy. He is not goping to take any guff from anyone invading his garden LOL! And I like the pretty planter.

Now to go back and look at all your lovely daylily blooms today. Great shot of WISPY RAYS, it looks like it is glowing. So vivid. I love the color on THE GOLDILOCKS EFFECT and it ties for me for favorite with SIAMESE ROYALTY.

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Love the Tough Guy cat! And that is one bodacious moth. Beautiful blooms. Wispy Rays is my favorite.

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Thank you all. Yes, Bosco is a tough guy. His ear is permanently flopped over from a hematoma surgery he had about six months ago, but we like the way it makes him look. He must have just eaten a bug in this pic.

Atlas Shrugged is a big flower, and it is blooming right on schedule here.

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Love the cat. He and my Mickey Blue Eyes could really mix it up I bet. I love your pic of Wispy Rays, but Artic Lace is my favorite. Sarah

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Huge moth! @_@

I love ARCTIC LACE and THE GOLDILOCKS EFFECT. (My ARCTIC LACE doesn't look like it is going to bloom this year, wah.) I love polychromes in general - I'll have to find out more about that daylily.

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Julia NY(6)

Arctic Lace looks great. I too like The Goldilocks Effect.
The name Bosco reminds me of the syrup we put in milk when I was a kid. Orange Tabby's are tough guys.LOL
I've never seen a moth like that.


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Sarah, did you post a pic of your cat? If so, I might have missed him.

Julia and Poly, TGE was just planted last year so I can't tell you about its performance, but I do like the bloom. And yes, my son named the cat after the chocolate syrup. We've had lots of animals with food names here.

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Wispy Rays is looking stunning and is my favorite. I agree with some of the others Bosco looks like a good defender of your garden.

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My favorites are The Goldilocks Effect and Wispy Rays. Bosco looks like he heard you call him homely and he didn't like it! Either that or he just caught a snack.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I love Bosco just the way he is...the ear flopped over gives him character. (There is a breed, the Scottish Fold where the folded over ear is desirable). And I love ginger cats. My favorite after Bosco is Arctic Lace. I have seen so many photos of it and never tire of it. It just always looks perfect and the name suits it.


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